6 Winter Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Icy Blue Baby Shower

This elegant baby shower theme incorporates ice blue tones with accents of silver for a sophisticated icy look. Decorate your dinner table with beautiful blue glassware, sparkling silver candlestick holders and draped grey napkins. You can opt for bare wood tables, or loosely drape a soft blue or grey runner to add texture.

Create a DIY photo booth with a backdrop featuring a silver star garland or a baby shower banner with props for your friends and family to use to create treasured memories of this special day.

Blue and white tassel bunting and cake

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower

This one’s a classic! Combining glitzy silver sparkles with brilliant white for a timeless celebratory look. We don’t think we’ve ever heard anyone say, “that’s too sparkly” and we think this theme is the perfect opportunity to go glitter-mad. A sequin table cloth will be the perfect focal point for your present table or cake display: white iced doughnuts or a beautifully simple white cake are the perfect finishing touch.

Silver foil balloons will bring the look together alongside clear balloons with silver confetti or white feathers. Why not build a balloon arch around your front door with a mixture of white, clear and silver balloons to create wow factor from the moment your guests arrive?

Baby with silver balloon and confetti

Sweetie Theme Baby Shower

Unleash your inner child with a festive theme that sings from your childhood hymn book. Based around intricately decorated gingerbread houses - novelty biscuits, colourful lollipops and sweety stations are all perfect for this theme.

Set up a Pick’n’Mix or ‘decorate your own pregnant gingerbread’ station, with colourful treats and brightly coloured goody bags. This look is all about fun, and colour clashing will not look out of place. Choose bright colours opposite each other on the colour wheel for a fun and quirky feel such as green and red!

Baby themed sugar cookies

Magical Forest Baby Shower

This theme should emanate the quiet tranquillity and mystery of a forest in the winter, allowing your guests to envisage the soft sound of falling snow and the wonder of tall pine trees. Create your own beautiful decorations for this look, with bottles filled with water and pine leaves topped with white tapered candles.

Bring the outside in with this theme, decorate your napkins with a sprig of fir tree tied with twine. Simplicity is key, and this theme benefits from a simple colour palette of white or grey with accents of dark green foliage.

Naked cake with forest foliage

Red, Gold & Green

Who else thinks of red, gold and green when they think about winter? The most traditional Christmassy colour trio going, this will have your guests feeling nostalgic from the moment they step in the door. Gold honeycomb decorations and bunting will bring your venue to life and provide the perfect backdrop for your present table or DIY photobooth.

Dress your table with yuletide cheer: a red table runner, tall gold candlestick holders and sprayed branches will add festive charm. It’s traditional for the mum-to-be to receive gifts but if you’re planning on giving party favours, why not provide personalised baubles placed upon each napkin as a thoughtful present.

Gold vintage phone with red and green foliage

Scandi Mountain

Similar to the magical forest theme, but with added cuteness. Scandi Mountain is based on the characters you would find in Canadian or North American woodland. Think squirrels, deer and bears, whose cute little faces make the perfect toppers for themed cupcakes!

Place slices of wood down the centre of your table at various heights with tea lights and taller candles for a beautiful display. Pinecones can be sliced to hold place cards to show your guests where to sit and acorns can be sprayed and scattered to add a little glitz to the look.

Fox cupcake and wooden candle holder

Do you have any theme ideas for your own? Help us inspire others by sharing your favourite baby shower themes below in the comments.

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