Our Conversion Technology

Boori furniture is designed to adapt to families ever-changing and unique needs. Not only does this mean our Boori families are able to cherish their beautiful furniture for years to come, it also negates the need for them to buy additional furniture at every stage of their child's development.

From height-adjustable study furniture to cot beds that become adult-sized beds, our sustainable furniture will grow with your child and our expert crafstmanship ensures each piece can withstand family life.

Cot Beds that Transform into Toddler Beds

The idea of your toddler’s first night in a new bed can be a daunting one. By having a cot bed that transforms into a toddler bed, you're keeping a familiar environment which will help make this important step a little easier for everyone.

Most Boori cot beds transform into a toddler bed by removing one side panel. An additional Toddler Guard Panel (available separately) can be attached in its place for peace of mind to prevent tumbles.

Our Natty Cot Bed features a clever toddler bed mode that uses sections of the cot bed's end panels to form guarded sides! This means no additional Toddler Guard Panel is required and you're left with a contemporary toddler panel your little one will love.

cot that turns into toddler bed in blue nursery

Expandable Cot Beds

As with all Boori cot beds, Expandable cot beds have the ability to transform into a toddler bed. The Expandable technology takes this a step further with the option to later convert into a full adult-sized single bed, becoming your child's first 'big bed'.

The Easy-Store Conversion Kit is included with the cot bed purchase and comes in a separate box which can be stored neatly under the cot bed until it's needed.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to transform our Expandable cot beds into a single bed...

Convertible Plus Cot Beds

If you're looking for a cot bed that can truly stand the test of time then why not consider our Convertible Plus cot beds? As well as transforming into a toddler bed, they can later convert into a full adult-size double bed and cosy sofa (at the same time!). 

Our Convertible Plus Conversion Kit can be purchased separately and used to form the slats of the double bed. Take a look at a video below to see how!

Natty Modular Kids' Beds

Offering complete flexibility, our Natty Guarded Single BedNatty Single Loft Bed and Natty Bunk Bed can be purchased as individual pieces or transformed using additional conversion kits. For example, if you initially purchase the Natty Single Bunk Bed you can use it as a guarded single bed and later add the additional pieces (in separate boxes) to transform it into a loft or bunk bed! If you initially purchase the Natty Guarded Single Bed, you can convert it into a loft or bunk bed by purchasing additional conversion kits. 

single bed turns into loft bed and bunk bed

Height-Adjustable Kids' Desks & Chairs

Before you know it, your child will be off on their first day of school and a great way to encourage learning at home is to set them up with their very own study space.

Our kids' desks and chairs have multiple height settings, meaning they can be used by siblings and you won't need to worry about any growth spurts!

desk that changes height to grow with your child

If you have any questions on our conversion technology or need a helping hand in choosing the perfect furniture for your family, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team via our contact form or email info@boori.co.uk.