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Our range of baby cot beds are suitable from birth and beyond with unique conversion technology that allows them to be converted into toddler beds as your child grows. Moving your little one into their first toddler cot bed is a big step which is why many families prefer to choose a baby cot bed that transforms into a toddler cot. This provides your child with a familiar environment during this important stage in their development.

To convert your Boori cot bed into a toddler cot, simply remove the side rail and attach one of our Toddler Guard Panels for additional safety if required. The toddler bed mode is designed to support your child until around 5 years old, but when it is no longer required for sleeping, parents can remove the Toddler Guard Panel and it can be used as a small children’s sofa.

As well as keeping a familiar environment for your child, our transformational baby cot beds provide great value and mean you don’t need to keep buying additional furniture at each stage of your child’s development. Taking longevity even further, our Expandable cot beds have additional functionality that allows them to transform into a full adult-sized single bed and our Convertible Plus cot beds can become a full adult-sized single bed and cosy sofa (at the same time!). Learn more about our cot conversions.

With our wide range of unique designs, it’s easy to find the perfect cot bed to suit your space, whether you’re looking for something classic and romantic like our popular sleigh cot beds or something to suit a more modern Scandinavian design.

All our baby cots & cot beds are made with sustainable solid wood including Australian Araucaria and European Beech, giving you expertly crafted furniture to cherish for years to come. Each baby cot bed is perfectly suited to fit Boori’s range of cot bed mattresses.

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Cot Bed FAQ's

What age range are cot beds suitable for?

Cot beds are designed for newborns up to approximately 4 - 5 years old. Cots with higher sides for safety are best for small babies and then, convert your cot into a toddler bed, by removing one side and adding a toddler guard panel when your child gets a little older. This adaptability makes Boori cot beds a versatile, long-term option for your child's sleep needs.

Can I adjust the mattress height in a cot bed?

Yes, many of our cot beds feature adjustable base heights. This allows you have easy access to baby when they are newborn and then lower the mattress as they grow and become more mobile, ensuring their safety at all stages of development.