Boori's Unique Cot Bed Conversion Technology

Here at Boori, we believe in creating furniture of the highest quality that can be treasured for many years. We understand the need for furniture that can withstand family life and evolve to meet families’ unique and changing needs. As well as being crafted with sustainable solid wood and durable natural paint finishes, many of our products feature innovative conversion technology that extends their lifespan.

Cots with an Adjustable Base Height

For nurseries where space is a concern, a small cot is most likely a more suitable option than a cot bed. Boori cots (also known as compact cots) are slightly smaller than Boori cot beds and although solid and sturdy, they are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around the home. They fit through a standard door frame and some models feature castors which provide excellent mobility and can be locked in place for additional safety. These features, coupled with their excellent visibility, make Boori cots the perfect alternative to traditional bedside sleepers.

All Boori cots and cot beds feature an adjustable base height. The higher position gives you easy access to your newborn and the lower position is for when your little one finds their feet and is able to pull themselves up.

oval cot at mothers bedside

Our smaller cots are designed to support your baby until they are around 2 years old, however the Harbour Cot can be transformed into a cosy little sofa for older toddlers.

Cot Beds that Transform into Toddler Beds

Moving your toddler into their first bed is a big step and one that many children (and their parents!) will find daunting. It can be difficult for them to settle into their new space which is why many families prefer to choose a cot bed that transforms into a toddler bed. This provides your child with a familiar environment during this important transition and, although we can’t guarantee this will result in an easy bedtime routine (possibly a myth?), it will certainly make it a calmer experience for everyone involved.

sleigh cot bed in cot mode and toddler bed mode

With Boori cot beds, the process of converting your cot into a toddler bed is simple. The side rail can be removed and a Toddler Guard Panel can be attached for additional safety if required. The toddler bed mode is designed to support your child until around 5 years old, when no longer required for sleeping, just remove the Toddler Guard Panel and add some comfortable cushions to create a cosy children’s sofa.

A Unique Oval Toddler Bed

As well as pushing the boundaries of traditional cot design, our Oasis Oval Cot features a unique toddler bed mode. The shorter end can be removed, allowing your little one to climb in via the end of the cot. The remaining cot sides act as two guard rails, meaning you don’t need to purchase any additional safety panels.

When it’s no longer required as a toddler bed, a longer side panel can be removed and the Oasis can be used as a toddler sofa in your child’s bedroom or playroom.

oval cot as cot bed and sofa

Cot Beds that Transform into Single Beds

As well as keeping a familiar environment for your child, our transforming products provide great value and mean you don’t need to keep buying additional furniture at each stage of your child’s development.

Taking longevity even further, our Expandable cot beds have additional functionality that allows them to transform into a full adult-sized single bed. They come with an Easy-Store Conversion Kit which fits perfectly under the cot bed until required and the step-by-step instructions make the transformation simple and fuss-free.

Cot Beds that Transform into Double Beds

Our Convertible Plus cot beds transform into both a full adult-sized double bed and small sofa (at the same time!). This gives you flexibility to organise your furniture in a way that suits your family, whether that be using the double bed in a guest bedroom or moving the sofa to a playroom. The conversion kit is available separately so it can be purchased when required, it’s slightly larger than our Easy-Store Conversion Kit so some parents prefer to wait rather than store it at home!

convertible cot bed as double bed and sofa

If you have any questions about our conversion technology or choosing the perfect cot for your little one, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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