Do I Need to Buy a Bedside Crib?

Many new parents prefer to keep baby in their bedroom during the early weeks for extra peace of mind. Often, they feel the only practical solution is to purchase a small temporary bedside crib, but this could be an unnecessary expense. ‘Next to me cribs’ are extremely popular as they allow you to comfort and watch over baby, but what if there’s a longer-lasting alternative?

Should I Buy a Bedside Crib as Well as a Cot Bed?

As the shopping list for your eagerly awaited arrival can be rather daunting, it’s important to identify those items that are absolutely essential and can offer you as much long-term value as possible. If you’re certain you want your baby by your bedside, then perhaps you should consider something that also lasts you well beyond the newborn stage once baby moves to their own room.

Bedside Sleeper Alternatives

Due to its unique curved design and smooth dainty spindles, our Oasis Oval Cot offers optimum visibility when placed next to the parents’ bed and the excellent mobility of its lockable castors  make it a beautiful, convenient and safe alternative to traditional bedside cribs. When the time comes, you can wheel it into the nursery (without the need to disassemble) and your growing child remains in a familiar environment which helps to aid the transition. It can even be transformed into a toddler bed or a cosy sofa when no longer used for sleeping.

Oasis oval cot as a bedside sleeper, toddler bed and sofa.

If an oval cot isn’t your style then we have plenty of other designs to choose from, whether you’re looking for something Scandi-chic like our Harbour Cot or clean and modern like the Turin Cot. Although only slightly smaller than Boori cot beds, these baby cots are lightweight and can fit through a standard door frame making them ideal for moving between rooms.

Harbour compact cot in grey

Turin compact cot in white

As with all Boori cots and cot beds, these space-saving cots are crafted with sustainable solid wood and finished in our unique Eco-Blend Bio-Paint which is made with renewable plant extracts including soy bean and corn.

Is it Safe to Put my Newborn in a Cot or Cot Bed?

Although baby may seem rather tiny, they will sleep just as soundly in a larger cot as opposed to something like a moses basket. If you’re worried about easy access, Boori cots and cot beds are built with two base heights – a higher option for effortless access to newborns and a lower option when they’re that little bit older and can pull themselves up!

If you have any questions about using our cots as a bedside sleeper, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team!

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