5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Have a Bunk Bed

Sisters sat on a bottom bunk

When it comes to choosing your child’s bed, you are certainly spoilt for choice these days. From toddler beds and single beds to double beds and even beds shaped like boats or trains, there really is something to suit every space. So why, if there’s so much choice, are parents still choosing the traditional bunk bed? We’ve shared 5 reasons why bunk beds are one of the best options for children’s bedrooms…

1. Bunk Beds Save Space

Bunk beds
 solve the dilemma of not having enough floor space for two single beds. They utilise the height of the room to free up valuable space for essential storage or study furniture. If you don’t need two beds then you could consider a loft bed which doesn’t have the lower bunk and therefore gives you a fair amount of floor space for a reading corner, a chest of drawers or even a children’s desk.

2. Bunk Beds are Perfect for Sleepovers

Even if you’re looking for a bed for just one child, it’s worth keeping in mind that the time will come where your little one demands a sleepover. Having a bunk bed means you don’t need to worry about setting up an additional bed or giving up your immaculate guest bedroom!

If you’re feeling particularly brave and consider allowing multiple friends for a sleepover then a bunk bed with a double bed, also known as a maxi bunk bed, is a great option. Our Trundle Tidy Beds fit perfectly under our double beds, giving you an occasional pull out bed or extra storage.

3. Bunk Beds Allow for Individual Space for Siblings

Understandably, sharing a bedroom with a sibling can have its frustrations and so it’s important to maintain privacy and individuality where possible. As children won’t be able to see each other when they’re in their bunk beds, it gives them the sense of having their own individual space to unwind. You could let them choose their own bedding and toys to make it feel more personal too.

4. Bunks Beds are More Exciting

There’s no doubt that it’s certainly more interesting to climb into a bunk bed than a standard single bed, whether it’s the excitement of climbing a ladder into the top bunk or settling down in the cosy lower bunk. Be prepared for the initial argument around who’s going to sleep in which bunk...

5. Bunk Beds Make Great Dens!

If you had a bunk bed as a child, there’s a pretty high chance you transformed it into a den! Simply tuck a couple of sheets under the top mattress and allow them to hang down the sides of the lower bunk for a quick and easy den. Make it extra cosy with some comfy cushions and twinkly fairy lights – perfect for story-telling.

For the ultimate den, why not transform your child’s bunk or loft bed with our Levitate Bed Tent? Just secure the rods to your Tidy Single Loft Bed and attach the tent using Velcro tabs. It also has handy storage pockets, ideal for storing small reading books or toys.

Little boy in a den

Boori Bunk Beds

Our expertly crafted bunk beds offer excellent value without compromising on style. They’re crafted with sustainable solid wood and are designed to suit your family’s unique needs; the majority of our bunk beds feature the option to transform into two single beds if required!

You can browse the full collection here and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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