Kids Storage

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Tidy Toy Cabinet

Tidy Toy Cabinet

White 3 drawer chest with top drawer open

3 Drawer Chest

Cherry and Beech colored Byron Wardrobe

Byron Wardrobe

Tidy Storage Bookcase

Tidy Storage Bookcase

Almond colored 3 Drawer Dresser

3 Drawer Dresser

White Neat Wardrobe

Neat Wardrobe

Sleigh 3 Drawer Dresser

Sleigh 3 Drawer Dresser

Tidy Toy Box

Tidy Toy Box

Barley White and Oak colored 3 Drawer Chest

Neat 3 Drawer Chest

white toy boy with blue whale toy

Toy Box

Neat Stationery Cabinet
Girl tying her shoes sitting on the Tidy Clothing Rack

Tidy Clothing Rack

Cherry and Almond Tidy Toy Cabinet Shelf
Tidy Squared Modular Box

We know how important it is to find a kids bedroom storage solution for your child's changing needs. It’s no secret that kids can be cluttered and disorganised at times, which is where we drew the inspiration for our kids bedroom storage units. We offer an extensive range of expertly crafted solid wood storage options for kids including chests of drawers, dressers, bedside tables, wardrobes and toy boxes.

We have something to suit any bedroom style, whether you're looking for something elegant and classic or Scandinavian and modern. We've designed our kids bedroom storage to complement all Boori Kids and Boori nursery furniture, so once you've found your kids storage unit, you can find the perfect matching furniture to create a stunning centrepiece for your nursery or bedroom.

Free shipping on all kids’ bedroom storage items to mainland UK.

Kids Storage FAQ's

What types of storage solutions does Boori offer for children's rooms?

Boori provides a wide range of storage options to organise your little one's belongings. This includes drawers and dressers, wardrobes, toy boxes, and changers, all designed to match and complement each other within various collections.

Are Boori's storage solutions suitable for both nurseries and older children's bedrooms?

Yes, Boori's storage furniture is versatile and designed to grow with your child, offering stylish and practical solutions for nurseries and bedrooms. Our collection includes pieces that can create a cohesive look throughout your child's early years into adolescence.

How do I maximise storage in my child’s room?

To maximise storage in your kids' room, consider multi-functional furniture like beds with built-in storage, use vertical space with tall shelves, and incorporate storage boxes that fit under existing furniture. Efficient organisation tools like dividers and labels can help keep items sorted and easily accessible. Check out our blog post on Helpful Kids Storage Ideas for more inspiration!