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For a good night's sleep we know it's important for your child to have a comfortable and supportive bed, but it's just as important to ensure their bedding is soft and breathable too.  From waterproof mattress protectors for cots and beds to baby blankets and kids' quilt sets, our baby and kids' bedding collections are made with the best materials for maximum comfort and easy cleaning.

Bedding FAQ's

Why choose bedding from Boori?

We've been in the children's furniture business for 30 years, and during that time we've been able to refine a collection of bedding that is designed to ensure your little one's comfort and safety.

From soft and breathable cot bed fitted sheets, to waterproof mattress protectors for double beds, to hypo-allergenic, chemical-free mattresses that help limit the spread of pathogens believed to cause cot death, we've got bedding options that you can trust.

Are Boori's cot bed sheets easy to care for?

Absolutely! Our cot bed sheets are ridiculously soft, and they are made from 100% cotton, so are far longer lasting and better for your baby than a polyester blend. With elasticated edges to stay in place all night, our sheets offer a combination of durability, gentleness, and convenience that every parent appreciates​​.

Can I find bedding for older children at Boori?

Indeed! Alongside our baby bedding, we provide bedding solutions for older children, including breathable pocket spring mattresses for kids beds. Our single bed mattresses are 12.5cm to ensure they can safely be used on top bunks and loft beds and our trundle bed mattress is shorter and narrower than a single, so it's perfect for sleepovers! We also have single and double mattresses protectors that are waterproof, as we know accidents still happen even when nappies are a distant memory!