Celebrating 30 Years of Boori

Collage of Boori products in customer homes


Boori was born out of an independent nursery store in Sydney, Australia 1993.

Our amazing founder, Justin Chui, stepped in to lend a hand when a factory supplying the products hit a rough patch. Justin's passion for production eventually led him to take ownership of the factory. Seeing the need for coordinating family-friendly furniture that could withstand the test of time, Justin quickly brought Boori into existence to meet the demand.

30 years later, Boori has become more than just a furniture brand; it's been a part of countless families' lives, helping create cherished moments and memories. Our brand has grown alongside our Boori families, and over time our product range has expanded significantly. We're proud to offer an extensive product range for the whole family, that now caters not only to babies and toddlers but also extends to older children, teenagers, and, most recently, adults, through the introduction of our innovative Boori Living range.

As we celebrate our 30th birthday, we'd like to shift the spotlight to the real heroes—the families who have welcomed Boori into their homes and allowed us to grow with them. In this blog post, we're diving into the heartwarming stories, reviews, and experiences shared by just a few of our loyal customers, whose journeys are intertwined with our own.


Sleigh style dark wood cot bed with soft toys

Products that truly stand the test of time.

"After emailing a query about which mattress would fit a 15-year-old Boori cot, I soon received an email back with details and letting me know that the right mattress would be available in a few weeks. It’s now 19 years old and housed my brother (now 19) then my 2 children (4 and 1) and will certainly be passed down!"

Kate M


Boori Classic Cot Bed with colourful illustrated bed sheets

From one family to another, and across generations.

"I purchased my Boori cot on Facebook from a mum who had used it for her child. I think she said it was 4 years old but been in storage for 2. It was missing a bolt but the replacement bolts from the Boori website fit perfectly. Just last week I gave to a young family as she is expecting her first child. She was very excited as she wanted a Boori cot but was trying to save as they were about to move. My little guy is now 2 and surprisingly went straight into a single bed rather than me needing to remove the drop side."

Anna R


Sleigh Expandable Cot Bed as a cot and as a toddler bed

 An investment for the future.

"I purchased the Boori Sleigh cot a couple of years ago, when my first grandchild arrived. Over the next 15-20 years as more grandkids come along, I plan on using it much more, like I have been these past couple of years, as well as it being used as a single bed, to which I have the attachments for also. I love the versatility of this cot/bed, and how it will suit my situation as the dynamics of my family will change over many ages and years to come. The product itself is a solid good quality that I absolutely love. I have also bought the matching Boori Sleigh 3 Drawer Set and a highchair. The highchair is very easy to clean, which I love, due to how messy a toddler can be, especially at feed time."

Rachel C


Oasis Oval Cot and Natty Bedside Bed in customer's home

 It's nice knowing we have a furniture brand that we can trust.

"We love Boori – they've made our parenting journey so much better as it's nice knowing we have a furniture brand that we can trust! We set up our Oasis Oval Cot before our tiny man was born, and used it until he got too long (I can't believe how quickly they grow, it's true that time flies!). For his first few years he had plenty of room to stretch out, and it felt sturdy and safe from the get-go.

When it was time to upgrade, we stuck with Boori and got the Natty Bedside Bed. We had a look around and this was definitely our favourite toddler bed design! Having the guarded sides made us feel a lot more comfortable transitioning him from his cot and we loved the colourful options.

We're keeping hold of our cot for now in case our family grows, it's still in great condition so whether we use it or pass it on to friends/family I'm sure it'll still get a lot more use yet! We'll also keep or pass on his toddler bed when he outgrows it, and I'm sure we'll be back for a bigger bed in the future!"

Steph C


Sleigh Expandable Cot Bed as a cot then as a single bed

The level of knowledge and attention to detail the team provides is truly unparalleled.

"Over time, I've had the pleasure of ordering four exquisite Boori beds, each intended for my beloved grandchildren when they come to visit. These beds have become a cornerstone of their comfort during their stays. What's more, the assortment of accompanying accessories - including the under-bed drawers, guard rails, waterproof mattress protectors, and sheets - have proven to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

One particular highlight has been the Sleigh Expandable Cot Beds. The seamless transition from elegant cots to spacious single beds using the expansion kits has been a game-changer. As any grandparent knows, our little ones grow at a remarkable pace, and this feature has allowed us to adapt to their evolving needs effortlessly.

I wholeheartedly recommend Boori UK to anyone seeking the pinnacle of expertise and quality. The level of knowledge and attention to detail the team provides is truly unparalleled."

Julietta K 


As we celebrate the last 30 years, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the families who have made Boori a beloved part of their lives. Here's to many more years creating cherished family moments together!

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