How to Choose a Mattress for Babies and Kids

When it comes to choosing the right mattress, there are so many questions to consider; What size do I need? What materials are best? How firm do I want it? The answers to the majority are down to personal preference, however, for babies and growing children, some mattresses may naturally be more suitable than others!

In this blog post we explore the different mattress options available and explain their main features and benefits to help you make an informed choice on which mattress is best for your baby cot or kids’ bed.

 3D Breathable Innerspring Mattress

Ideal for: Those with babies and toddlers seeking the optimum in comfort and temperature regulation.

Our firm 3D Breathable Innerspring Mattress is available in a Boori cot bed size, which measures at 132cm x 70cm. Its main feature is its breathable 3D polyester layer, which is porous to allow heat and moisture to dissipate. This means your little one will have a comfortable night’s sleep, as this technology keeps the mattress cool, which, in turn, helps to maintain and regulate your little ones’ temperature.

Providing baby with optimum comfort and support, soft woven fabric outer layers are combined with a Bonnell Spring core to create the perfect level of firmness required for newborns and young babies.

Due to the balancing net layer and high number of springs used within the mattress, your little one’s weight will be distributed across the mattress, reducing pressure points which can lead to discomfort. Spring mattresses are ideal for back sleepers (like newborn babies!) as their weight is distributed across the mattress.

Innerspring Mattress

Ideal for: Those seeking a baby and toddler mattress which offers great airflow and support.

Available in a Boori cot bed size that measures 132cm x 70cm, our Innerspring Breathable Mattress features all the same layers as the 3D Breathable Innerspring Mattress, but without the additional 3D mesh.

Despite not having the 3D layer, this mattress is still extremely breathable due to its Bonnell Springs and comfort felt, which also reduces humidity.

It’s this reduction of humidity and increased breathability which makes this mattress suitable for allergy sufferers as dust and allergens are less likely to get trapped within the mattress.

Pocket Spring Mattress

Ideal for: The whole family, especially growing children.

We have several pocket spring mattresses to fit everything from our Boori compact cots all the way up to our double beds. They are the most versatile of our mattresses, with a medium firmness suitable for all ages and sleeping positions.

Our pocket spring mattresses have a breathable knitted outer layer which provides a soft and gentle layer against your skin. Its woven construction means air can get through the mattress layers, helping control body temperature and preventing humidity.

For the perfect balance of comfort and support, our pocket springs are surrounded by a firm layer, then a layer of soft foam. Each pocket spring works independently to react to pressure applied to that area.

Experts recommend a medium to medium-firm mattress for growing children. A soft mattress does not provide enough support to keep their growing spine aligned, their spine must be able to remain in a neutral position as they sleep. An overly firm mattress is most likely not going to be comfortable enough and a good night’s sleep is essential for growing tots!

Our pocket spring mattresses are compressed, rolled and packed in a box when they leave our factory. As this takes up less space during travel, it means we can transport more mattresses and therefore take less trips, subsequently reducing our carbon footprint. They’ll also be easier for you to transport home, just make sure you give 24 hours to allow the mattress to expand and flatten before you use it!

Foam Mattress

Ideal for: Families on a budget

Similar to our popular Boori bassinet mattress, our foam mattresses are also available in our oval cot (119cm x 64cm), compact cot (119cm x 65cm) and cot bed (132cm x 70cm) sizes.

Our foam mattresses are made of a nursery-grade sponge with interspersed holes for breathability, in addition to a knitted fabric cover, which helps your child maintain a comfortable temperature.

The knitted cover can be removed for easy cleaning and as with our pocket spring mattresses, this mattress arrives compressed and rolled for easy storage.

Boori Cot Mattress FAQs 

Is my baby cot mattress too hard?

When your baby mattress first arrives, you may be left thinking that your cot mattress is too hard, but rest assured that this is likely to be perfect for your new baby cot mattress.

In fact, babies need to sleep on a firm mattress for the first 12 months of life outside the womb, as this helps with their development. As your baby starts to wriggle more and pull themselves up, they will need a firm mattress underneath them to provide the resistance they need to help and support them in doing this.

Think of it like this: as adults, most of us would struggle to get on our feet after sitting on a bean bag. A soft mattress for your new arrival would be the same.

It’s important to remember what might feel “just right” for us adults, is likely to be too soft for your baby to sleep on. If your baby mattress doesn’t conform to the shape of your little one’s head, then the firmness is great.


What is the Boori Country collection mattress size?

All of our current Cot Beds fit our range of 132cm x 70cm cot bed mattresses, which means you have the pick of every mattress style on our books!

If you're unsure on the cot bed you have, there is a label on the slats confirming which mattress size you require.


Why are there mattresses with different heights?

You may notice across our range of mattresses – or whilst generally shopping around – the depth of mattresses may differ. The reasons why can vary depending on the type of bed you are purchasing, the materials used within the mattress itself, or the specific product.

Below we’ve detailed where and why you might find mattresses with varying heights to help you in your search:

  • Our Nova Cot Bed, for example, has a beautiful, curved frame, which requires a mattress to fit its unique design. On our website, you will see a separate mattress listing for this product when browsing our mattresses section and this will be the only mattress the Nova Cot Bed links to.
  • For safety reasons, your top bunk or loft bed mattress should not be thicker than 18cm. This is to make sure there’s plenty of distance between the top of the mattress and the top of the guard rail.


Returning Your Mattress

We understand that it can be tricky choosing mattresses online, that’s why we’ve created this helpful guide to help you find the perfect mattress for you and your family.

If you’re unsure on what size mattress you need, please contact our friendly team or, for cot bed mattresses, you can look at the label on the slats on the base of the cot bed.

For hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns of mattresses if the original packaging is damaged.

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