Creating a Neutral Nursery with Belinda Nihill

Sleigh Royale Cot Bed in neutral nursery

Thinking of a neutral theme for your nursery and looking for inspiration? Australian designer Belinda Nihill, creator of Nest Design Studio, is globally renowned for her classic and creative style. She has transformed over 500 rooms of her clients’ youngest members into beautiful and unique masterpieces.

In this new blog, Belinda offers advice on how to create the perfect neutral space for your little one. She features our gorgeous Sleigh Royale Cot Bed with its traditional soft flowing curves, offering a unique and elegant feel with the beautifully carved ‘Royale’ in calligraphy script with the addition of an integrated Tidy Drawer for extra storage. Accompanying this is our Sleigh 3 Drawer Dresser with Sleigh Changing Station. Its classic curves, dovetail joints and 3 fully extendable drawers are ideal for storing all baby’s essentials.

Here is Belinda to take you through her top tips for that neutral look:

Creating a Neutral Nursery with Belinda from Nest Design Studio

Are you in the process of creating a neutral nursery?  Feeling a little 'underwhelmed' on how to create a space without colour?  Don't! Creating a neutral nursery gives you a chance to play with lots of delicious texture; and texture my friends is key.

Neutral textured fabrics lampshade and teddy

How to Create a Neutral Nursery

So let's chat about how you can create a gorgeous nursery for your little one. What words spring to mind when you think neutral nursery?  For me, it's simple, elegant, serene, textural and light.  I believe going for soft colours in a space allows you to play up the materials you use;  timber, leather, wool, velvet, cane.  They will all create visual interest (even if they are the same colour) and elevate the room.

White 3 Drawer Dresser in light neutral room

Neutral Nursery Themes

Boho is obviously a huge trend right now and while it's not a style that I'm drawn to, there are lots of elements used in the style that you can draw inspiration from.

Another thing to keep in mind is, will you want to add boy/girl colours once baby is born?  I think neutral nurseries are brilliant in the sense that they look gorgeous as is BUT if you did want to add splashes of blue or pink later, it's very adaptable.

Boho nursery decor

Decorating a Small Nursery

When it came to my little client, Harvey's nursery, his mum knew she wanted a serene space but being a tiny room (really, really tiny) was stuck on how to get the look she was after.  They had already purchased the beautiful Boori cot bed and dresser/change table as their basics and it was my job to bring the room to life.  With the classic curves of the furniture, we kept the room classic to complement each other.

We selected the simple but stylish wallpaper....something that gave the room some dimension but wouldn't make the room seem smaller.  I love selecting wallpaper that is adaptable and will transition with the child and this was the perfect selection!

Neutral wallpaper with framed animal prints

The thing I love most about this room is all the textures.  There's wool, linen, timber, velvet and marble just to name a few.  I think you'll agree that it makes a stunning and elegant space.

Neutral nursery decor and accessories

So when it comes to creating a neutral nursery you love, don't be scared or worried that you aren't getting to play with colour.  Instead, think of creative ways to use texture to bring the room to life!

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