How to get Your Baby Back to Sleep After a Night Feed

Baby sleeping

Waking up during the night to feed your baby can be challenging for any parent. Disturbed sleep is inevitable as babies’ tummies are tiny and therefore need to wake throughout the night to feed.

This is normal and ensures they’re getting the energy they require for growth and development, however there are steps you can take to help make night feeds efficient and prevent your little one from being wide awake for hours!

Darkness is Your Friend

During the first week or so you may well end up with bruised shins or stubbed toes as you try to fumble around your baby’s dimly lit nursery, however, darkness is your friend when trying to get baby to sleep after a night feed.

With time you’ll become accustomed to keeping the main light switched off and instead use the soft glow of a nightlight to illuminate your feeds and help keep your baby sleepy, so keep going.

Limit Interaction

It can be tempting to make a real fuss of your little one during night feeds, especially if they they seem uncomfortable, but too much interaction can have a negative effect. It's best to stick to the business of feeding and avoid eye contact, as this can stimulate them and lead them to beleive its playtime not sleeptime!

Swaddle Your Baby

If your baby is still at an age where swaddling is safe and they enjoy it, swaddling can help them feel secure and enhance their sleep after feeding. Check out our range of beautiful swaddles and read our blog post to learn how to swaddle your baby safely.

Baby sleeping swaddled

Use a Dummy

There are a few disadvantages to using dummies which parents should consider, but they don't take away from the fact that a dummy after a feed can be really soothing for baby. Sucking on a dummy can help them drift off to sleep faster whilst you can head back to bed yourself.

Tune into Your Baby’s Sounds to Feed Before They Are Awake

Capturing the moment right before your baby wakes up for a feed is tricky and will not happen every time, but can be a godsend if it’s something you can master.

They may start to grunt or sigh before waking, at which point you can try to gently introduce a bottle or breast whilst they’re still in a sleepy state, meaning they never fully wake up or cry.

Baby sleeping

Stick to a Routine

Keep your night feed routine simple, predictable and boring - no nighttime parties here! Think nappy change, feeding, winding and back to their bassinet or cot.

You may be tempted to switch on the TV or browse your phone whilst your little one drifts back off to sleep, but bright lights and strange noises are likely to disrupt your child’s sleep even further.

Comfortable Furniture

Your nursing chair will become your best friend, providing a comfortable and cosy space for you to feed your child and, once feeding is over, the gentle rocking motion can help you coax your baby back into a deep slumber.

Place your nursing chair as close to your bassinet or cot as you can, as this will make it easier to transfer baby back to their bed without too much movement.

Byron nursing chair

Preparation is Key

The more prepared you are, the less time you’ll take getting everything ready when you’re barely awake. If you’re mixed or formula feeding, then you’ll want to make sure your bottles and milk are ready to go and easily accessible.

Have your changing station prepped and organised with everything you need on-hand to ensure nappy changes are swift and to avoid waking them up too much after their feed.

This post should help you lull baby back to sleep after a night feed but of course no two babies are the same and it’s important you find the right solution for you and your family. If you require further support, there are several websites and resources available to you online including the NCT.

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