How to Make Your Child's Room Cosy

Creating a safe haven for your child is a top priority as a parent: a serene, cosy spot for them to sleep, relax, play and learn. A child’s bedroom should be comforting and personal, and with environment playing a huge part in contributing to sleep, it’s important their space invites soothing shut-eye. We’ve put together some easy steps to make your child’s room snug below:

Colour and Light for Cosiness

Your mind might automatically spring to a place filled with plush cushions, cuddly toys and fluffy throws, but actually colour and light can also have a huge impact on the ambience of your space. Natural light is important during the day for your little one’s growth and development, but it’s also a good idea to ensure that night-time lighting promotes sleep! Installing a dimmer switch is a great place to start, allowing you to use low-level light for cosy time. Special bulbs such as Phillips Hue’s can be used in small desk lamps and allow you to warm lighting up at night, emitting a more cosy, restful feeling.

Dad reading with a night light

Blues and greys are hugely popular colours for nurseries and kid’s bedrooms, but warm neutral tones could be more suitable for creating a welcoming environment. Rich creams, browns and oranges enhance the feeling of being warm. If you’re a big fan of grey for interiors (who isn’t?!) then you could opt for a slightly warmer hue such as Skimming Stone from Farrow & Ball.

Skimming Stone from Farrow & Ball

Familiar faces

Promoting the feeling of safety and security is key when creating a space that your little one will enjoy being in, and children feel most secure when with their loved ones. Adorn your chests of drawers with family photographs and happy memories for your child to have you close by when playing, studying or sleeping.

Familiar faces don’t always have to be family – children bond with characters they create in their cuddly toys and teddy bears (they always get an invite to the bedroom tea party!) Our Kassie Kangaroo for example is a charming little character with luxuriously soft fur and the friendliest of faces!

Girl reading with Kassie Kangaroo soft toy

Create a Cosy Corner Under Their Loft Bed

Loft beds provide the perfect space for a cosy corner. Whether creating a totally zen study space or somewhere comfy to sit quietly with a book, the space underneath the bed feels comforting and enclosed. Offering flexibility for your family, the Natty Single Loft Bed can also be used as a guarded single bed or transformed into a bunk bed with an additional conversion kit.

Boy at desk under loft bed

Install a Bed Canopy

Bed canopies make a private little oasis in your children’s bed, perfect for reading at night time or having a chin-wag with their teddies. The Tidy Halo Net and Stand can be attached to your children’s single bed or kid’s double bed via the slatted headboard. Why not add a nightlight close by to make the space even more homey?

Bed with white canopy

Make a Nook for Reading

Promote early learning with a designated area for quiet reading and study. Use a bookshelf to section off a corner of your little one’s room alongside a soft rug to zone the area off from the rest of the bedroom. A large beanbag like this fun star beanbag with space for two provides the perfect spot to curl up together and read your favourite story.

Girl reaching for Oslo bookshelf

With a few tweaks, your child’s bedroom will be well on its way to being a comfy den that they want to spend all of their time in! Looking to create a  nursery rather than a child’s bedroom? Check out our Galaxy Nursery Inspiration on Pinterest for nursery ideas that promote night-time wonder and sleep!

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