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Boori loft bed set up by Minty Magazine

To celebrate our 25th year, we were thrilled to speak with the wonderful team behind Minty Magazine about our history from an independent store to having our very own purpose-built factory and what makes us unique.

In June 2014, Minty Magazine was launched to create a beautifully designed source of inspiration for children’s lifestyles and interiors. With a thoughtfully selected repertoire of children’s bedrooms and playrooms designed by Australia’s greatest interior designers, Minty Magazine is an online community with quarterly magazines, a popular blog and a large social following. Their eagerly anticipated annual printed edition is noted in all of their followers’ calendars, and by touching on fashion, food and lifestyle they keep their content as fresh as a daisy!

With photography by Francoise Baudet and styling by Madeline Mcfarlane, the article oozes beautiful light and airy imagery with ice-cream pastels and pops of yellow, working harmoniously with our natural statement pieces. We love the playful two-toned walls and soft felt and macrame accessories:

Boori furniture set up by Minty Magazine with pastel decor

Boori has made a name for itself by designing and manufacturing nursery furniture for over 25 years. Found in children’s bedrooms in Australia and around the world, Boori is known for its timeless and classic style, with a contemporary edge.

Selecting nursery furniture for your baby’s room is perhaps one of the most exciting parts in preparation for their arrival. Boori is a solid choice for parents who want to choose sustainable and environmentally sound products that will withstand the test of time.

B - Our furniture is designed to support families as they grow, which is why we offer a range of products with unique technologies that prevent the need to buy additional furniture at every stage of a child’s development. Our Expandable Cot Beds can transform into a full adult-sized single bed using the easy-store conversion kit included. And our Convertible Plus Cot Beds are able to convert into a full adult-sized double bed or a cosy sofa!

Eton Convertible Plus Cot Bed conversion

M - So how did Boori blossom into such a fine young business, spreading its wings across Australia and the world? Here’s a story about a little brand that started out in the suburbs of Sydney.

Boori was born out of an independent nursery store in 1993. Whilst founder Justin Chui was running the shop, the factory owners expressed their woes about unmotivated workers and too many orders to fill! So, Justin became more involved in production and eventually took ownership of the factory (without any previous experience!). Justin noticed a lack of coordinating furniture that could truly withstand the bumps and knocks of family life and as a result Boori was launched to meet this demand. A purpose-built factory was opened in China to support the volume of orders and now, with over 200 stores across 6 countries, Sydney and Shanghai welcomed the opening of the first Boori KIDS stores.

Boori have traditionally found the most popular colour choice for their furniture has been white, but current trends have been showing great demand for greys and dark woods.

B - Scandi and Nordic design schemes continue to be popular, so minimalist furniture, often two-toned, with unique angles and quirky shapes are definitely a favourite.

M - As our living spaces have been getting smaller, furniture with a more petite profile is coming to the forefront. Recognising this, Boori’s new range of compact cots have been designed to save space in your home without compromising on their signature quality. Crafted from solid Australian Araucaria wood, they’re slightly smaller than their cot beds and are extremely easy to manoeuvre.

Boori Harbour Compact Cot

B - Furniture is the most important investment for a nursery or kids’ bedroom so parents are looking for something that will not only look beautiful but will continue to support their little one as they grow. Our matching furniture is full-sized with deep drawers and spacious shelves, so they can be used from birth and beyond!

M - Now that’s what I call a great investment. 

We thoroughly enjoyed talking to the team at Minty Magazine and will be admiring their beautiful pastel images for a long time!

Boori Tidy Table, Stools and Chairs set up by Minty Magazine with pastel decor

Photography by Francoise Baudet, styling by Madeline Mcfarlane for Minty Magazine.

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