Tips for Choosing Kids' Table & Chairs

Early learning and play are fundamental to a child’s development and mental stimulation. Tables and chairs provide a space for an endless list of activities from a spot to read to your little one to somewhere they can channel their inner Picasso. With an array of options out there it can be hard to choose a set that’s right for you: we’ve noted some points below to remember when shopping for your child’s playroom or bedroom furniture.

What will they be used for?

Whether you’re expecting your little one to use your table for imaginary tea parties with their teddy bears, or for siblings to study homework together as they grow older, considering the uses of your table and chairs at various stages of childhood will make choosing a lot easier!

With a low height and crafted with solid sturdy wood, our Tidy Table is the perfect choice for younger children beginning to explore the world of colour and crayons!

girl sits at play table with cuddly toy on stool


Plan with your space in mind

Some parents will be on the hunt for a table and chair set to suit a playroom, whereas others might have an area in their child’s bedroom in mind. It’s important to think about how to maximise the space you have available.

Although round tables are stylish and very popular, square and rectangular tables can be pushed into corners when not in use. Chairs with backs offer support to your little ones, but if they are not sitting at the table for long periods of time, a stool might offer a great alternative which can be pushed right under the table for more space.

thetis stool

If you’re short on space in your child’s bedroom but love the idea of a study area, why not opt for a loft bed, making a cosy learning nook underneath! Our Neat Study Desk  fits perfectly underneath and offers a modern writing and art space for toddlers and children with four adjustable height settings.

child works at desk positioned under loft bed


How long will they last?

Whilst it can be easy to get caught up in buying toddler-specific furniture, buying with longevity in mind not only offers better value but reduces waste, helping to protect our planet.

Colourful plastic chairs bring a vibrant addition to the playroom, but as plastic does not withstand as much weight as solid wood, they could be one to avoid if you’re looking for something to last through childhood.

With a clean and minimal design, our Tidy Learning Table is a versatile children’s table designed to grow with your child from age 2-11 years. As your family grows, a second table would see plenty of space for four children, fitting together neatly and providing the perfect space for learning and playing as a family.

two Tidy Learning Tables with 2 Tidy chairs

What look are you going for?

Even though comfort and longevity are paramount, style and aesthetic are important too! If you’re opting for a table and chair set to last through childhood, you should plan for it to suit all of the various style phases your little one will go through as they grow: it needs to complement their dinosaur phase, princess phase and probably their Peppa Pig phase too… Our Table and Chairs are designed to suit all nurseries and bedrooms, with sleek and simple colourways and modern lines.

kids table and chair set in playroom with toys and rocking horse


Hopefully you’re feeling a little more prepared to purchase these invaluable items for your child’s growth and development! If our new colour options tickled your fancy, why not take a look at our Modern Watercolour style inspiration?

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