What is a Dropside Cot Bed?

What is a Dropside Cot Bed?

A dropside cot bed is a baby cot with a mechanism that allows one side to drop down slightly, allowing the caregiver easier access to the baby.

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Why Get a Dropside Cot Bed?

The sides of a cot bed usually measure around 90cm from the floor which can be challenging for parents, especially those who are shorter or disabled. For all new mothers, and particularly after a C section, bending and reaching can be uncomfortable. A dropside cot bed provides an easier and more comfortable route for all of these caregivers to pop their babies into their cot beds.

Boori's SafeTrack Dropside System

Boori’s SafeTrack dropside system is safe and easy to use, providing a more comfortable way to access your baby in their cot bed with the added peace of mind that the strictest AS/NZS 2172-2003 and EN 716-1-2:2017+AC:2019 safety standards have been achieved. Our unique integrated cot drop side mechanism locks in both the up and down position ensuring no sudden dropping or slipping. The operation requires two manoeuvres to release the rail to move it up and down again, adding further safety to its design.

Both you and your little one will sleep comfortably and soundly with our Daintree Cot Bed that uses our unique SafeTrack dropside technology. The Daintree features a more squared design, providing a solid and sturdy space suitable for sleep from birth to around five years.

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Dropside Cot Bed FAQs

Why are Dropside Cot Beds Controversial?

Dropside cot beds have become controversial in the United States due to several safety concerns. Some drop-side cots had cheap plastic mechanisms that could malfunction or even detach, and there had been a risk of babies becoming entangled between the moving panel and cot mattress when dropside cots were not held to the strict safety standards that they are here in the UK.

Are Dropside Cot Beds Safe?

Dropside cot beds are safe when the strictest standards have been achieved, as they are with the Boori SafeTrack dropside system. Our unique integrated mechanism requires two manoeuvres to release the rail and locks in both the up and down position ensuring no sudden dropping or slipping. Your cot bed should be assembled according to the manufacturers instructions and for extra safety it's also recommended that you check everything is working properly regularly. Second hand dropside cot beds are not recommended, as it would be hard to ensure that the cot bed is in good condition without any damaged or worn parts.

Are Dropside Cots Banned in the UK?

The drop side cot bed is not banned in the UK. The UK has implemented more stringent safety measures than the US and in fact, the British and European safety standard for cots was revised in 2011 and 2013 to ensure the safety to dropside cots after the US ban.

Are There Alternatives to Drop Side Cot Beds?

Boori cot beds have two base heights which make them a good alternative to dropside cot beds. The highest position makes access easier when babies are small, and then when baby starts to sit up, the base can be moved to the lower position. 

Important Features to Consider When Shopping for Your Dropside Cot Bed

  • British & Australian safety standards for dropside cot beds are much stricter than US safety. It’s understandable to be alarmed by the US media coverage of dropsides, but it’s important to note that US and UK/Australian dropside mechanisms will differ hugely due to the materials used and standards required

  • When assembled correctly with proper checks all Boori cots and cot beds meet the strictest AS/NZS 2172-2003 and EN 716-1-2:2017+AC:2019 safety standards and are absolutely safe for your baby to sleep in

  • Never consider second-hand dropside cot beds

  • Read the instruction manual carefully

  • Always ensure the dropside is locked into the up position when the cot is in use

  • Retain all fittings and instructions


    The above information refers to Boori dropside cot beds, if you are considering purchasing another dropside cot bed, please read the manufacturer’s information to determine suitability.

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