What makes our Oslo Changer so Unique?

Oslo changer in 3 different colours

In this Boori Nest post, we’re putting the spotlight on our Oslo Changer, where we thought we’d take the time to run through what makes this baby changing unit so unique, and why we love it so much.

We’re sure you won’t need much convincing to see why it’s so great, but we just couldn’t hold back at putting together this totally thrilling read. So, without further ado, let’s get going.


It has been designed especially for the families that use it

At Boori, we know families. We mean, after 29 years and over 1 million families helped, you’d like to think this to be true anyway – but it’s good to be reminded at times, right!?

Because of our knowledge and experience, we know what families need from their baby changing station, what makes them tick and what is simply unnecessary. We’ve then taken and used this to our advantage to design the perfect baby changing unit just for you (and your little one, of course) to use.

So how has it been designed with families in mind? Let’s tell you:


  1. Easy mobility

We know that families aren’t always going to be baby changing in the nursery; you have a life that exists in every other room of the house (sometimes…), be it watching Emmerdale in the living room, catching up on much needed sleep in the bedroom (or wherever you fall) after those night feeds or sterilising baby bottles in the kitchen.

OK, so maybe the last one was a bit of an oversight – you probably won’t be changing baba in the kitchen (but if you do, then we don’t judge, parent’s gotta do what they gotta do!) – but you see what we’re saying here, right?

Repeat after us: you don’t always do the baby changing in the nursery.

Recognising this, we’ve incorporated lockable castor wheels into the design of the Oslo Changer to make this portable around the home, meaning you can change your little one whenever and wherever you desire. It goes without saying – but we would feel guilty if we didn’t - please ensure the castors are locked whilst in use to keep your little one safe.


  1. Shelving space with compartments (oooh)

You wouldn’t think it, but families with a baby in tow need more storage space than they ever thought would be necessary. And before you ask - yes, that’s across the entire house, not just in one room.

Because of this, we have incorporated additional storage space underneath the baby changing station to help our Boori families keep their nappies, lotions and muslins organised.

This multipurpose baby changing unit has three convenient shelves in total:

  • Top shelf: when in use, this will be the main baby changing table, but when not in use, you could also use this to store any items you don’t have space for.
  • Middle shelf: the middle shelf of our Oslo Changer has been split to comprise of two convenient compartments, meaning those parents that like to be uber organised can easily split out different categories of items or organise the compartments to have the things they need in easy reach.
  • Bottom shelf: the third and final shelf is the bottom shelf of the Oslo Changer, which has the largest depth of all shelves on this baby changing unit. Here, you have space for storage boxes if you’d like to keep things looking pretty and organised, or room for an overflow of bulk essential items (trust us, poo-namies are a thing so you can never have too many nappies to hand!).


  1. Strong and sturdy finish

Crafted from a mixture of Australian Araucaria and European Beech solid wood, in addition to engineered timber, our Oslo Changer is a strong and sturdy baby changing station that is built to last until your little one no longer needs it.

We recommend that you stop using the Oslo Changer when your baby reaches approximately 1 years’ old or 11KG (whichever comes first).


  1. Signature Boori design to match your baby nursery furniture sets

There is nothing worse than going to buy your favourite baby cot or nursery furniture sets, only to realise you can’t find the remaining nursery furniture you like to match.

That’s where our Oslo Changer comes in; it has a beautiful design that incorporates a pop of colour to complement all other Boori nursery furniture, meaning you can mix and match across our cots and cot beds, nursery storage and bassinets and cradles to achieve the nursery décor you’ve always imagined, perfect for your incoming arrival.


Fallen in love with the Oslo Changer as much as us? Find out more about it here. Need more convincing on baby changing units? Head here for our answers to your burning questions.

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