Baby Changing

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Create a practical yet stylish changing area in your nursery with our collection of solid wood changers, changing stations, change trays and change pads. Our changers offer plenty of storage space with roomy shelves and a spacious changing station to tidy away all those nappies, lotions and muslin cloths. They're crafted with premium solid wood and are designed to match the rest of our Boori collections to create a stunning centrepiece for your nursery.

Baby Changing FAQ's

What types of baby changing furniture does Boori offer?

Boori offers a variety of baby changing furniture to suit different nursery spaces and preferences, including dressers and chests with removable changing stations, as well as stand-alone change tables. Opt for a dresser that comes with a removable changing station, for long-term use beyond the baby years​​.

Are Boori changing stations practical for small spaces?

Boori designs changing stations with space efficiency in mind. For those with limited nursery space, a dresser or chest that doubles as a changing station is a practical choice. Models like the Neat 3 Tier Changer are also designed for small spaces, offering lockable wheels for mobility and compact storage solutions​​.

What's the best way to oganise a baby changer?

There are a few ways you can have fun with organising your changing station!

Maximising the space above your change table is essential for creating an efficient and visually appealing setup. By installing shelves or a hanging nappy organiser, you can make the most of vertical space.

Assigning a specific place for each item on your change table will make it easier to find what you need during a nappy change. Use drawer dividers, cute baskets or small storage containers to separate items.

Perhaps our most valuable tip for organising your baby change station is to ensure that all the items you need for a quick and efficient nappy change are within arm's reach. This includes nappies, wipes, creams, and a changing pad. By keeping these items close by, you'll be able to maintain a smooth and stress-free routine without having to call for help or tote your naked (and messy!) baby around while you gather what you need!