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Tidy Storage Bookcase

Tidy Storage Bookcase

Tidy Rotating Bookshelf

Tidy Rotating Bookshelf

Neat Bookshelf

Neat Bookshelf

Neat Bookshelf (Long)

Neat Bookshelf (Long)

Blue Pegboard Bookshelf

Pegboard Bookshelf


Explore our unique collection of children's bookshelves. Curated for curious young minds, our range of nursery bookshelves showcase the signature Boori blend of form and function, ensuring your child's favourite tales are always within arm's reach. 

From spacious storage bookshelves that can house a world of adventures to small bookshelves that fit snugly in cozy nooks, there's something for everyone. Unique additions like pegboards provide a playful touch, allowing little ones to customise their space, while our rotating bookshelves ensure every story, from fairy tales to adventures, is easily accessible with just a simple spin. 

Crafted from sustainable solid wood, and finished with our nursery safe low voc paint, our wooden bookshelves are designed to complement all our furniture collections, making them a perfect addition to any nursery or reading corner. 

Looking for something that fits seamlessly into modern decor? Our modern bookshelves, with their sleek designs and high quality finishes, effortlessly uplift any space. Dive into our collection and discover the perfect bookshelf that not only stores but also showcases the stories that fuel your child's dreams and imagination. All orders include free delivery to most UK postcodes.

Bookshelves FAQ's

What types of bookshelves does Boori offer?

Boori's range includes spacious storage bookshelves for numerous books, small bookshelves for snug spaces, unique pegboards for customisation, and rotating bookshelves for easy access to all stories.

Are Boori's bookshelves made from sustainable materials?

Yes, crafted from sustainable solid wood (like our favourite Australian Araucaria) and finished with nursery-safe, low VOC paint, Boori's bookshelves are designed to be both environmentally friendly and safe for children's rooms.

Can Boori's bookshelves complement different room decors?

Absolutely, our bookshelves are designed to complement all furniture collections, making them versatile additions to any nursery, reading corner, or bedroom. We especially love matching our Cherry and Blueberry colour-ways with other furniture like our study desks and chairs to make a calm yet inspiring and joyful space for little learners!