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Discover our range of wooden highchairs, crafted to combine natural beauty with functionality, ensuring your little one dines in style.

Our safe highchairs are designed for optimum comfort and safety. They have a triangular frame to provide stability and a 5 point safety harness will keep your child secure in their seat. They also include a soft padded seat cushion which is water-resistant for those messy moments!

Tired of seeing clunky designs that don't fit with your modern home aesthetic? We created these modern highchair designs that not only offer functionality but also seamlessly blend with contemporary home interiors, making meal times both stylish and efficient.

Growing kids mean changing needs. Our height-adjustable highchairs evolve with your child's growth stages, becoming beautiful seats for studying or dining when the time is right - they look so great, you'll want to steal them for your home office! 

At Boori, we're passionate about our planet and the future of the little ones who inhabit it. That's why our eco-friendly highchairs are crafted with wood from sustainable plantations and finished with our low voc bio-paint to help keep your home free from nasty chemicals.

With Boori's highchairs, it's not just about eating; it's about creating memories with every meal. We offer free delivery to most UK postcodes with no minimum spend.

Highchair FAQ's

What age do babies go in highchairs?

Babies generally start using highchairs between 4 and 6 months but it entirely depends on the development of each child. When your little one can sit unassisted, hold their head up independently, and has started showing interest in food when others are eating around them, they’re ready to transition to a highchair!

What safety features should highchairs have?

Here are the safety features you should look for when purchasing a highchair for your little one:

  • Sturdy Frame: The highchair should have a solid and stable frame. A wide base can help prevent highchairs from tipping over.

  • Secure Restraint System: 5-point harnesses are best and are what we use in Boori highchairs. Restraint systems keep the child safely in the seat, preventing them from standing up or slipping out. The harness should be adjustable to ensure a snug and comfortable fit as the child grows.

  • Crotch Post or Strap: These prevent little ones from sliding out of the seat, adding an extra layer of security to the restraint system.

  • Easy to Clean: While not directly a safety feature, surfaces that are easy to clean can help maintain hygiene and prevent the buildup of bacteria or mould, which could be harmful to the child's health.

  • Safety Standards: In the UK, look for products that meet the British Standards Institution (BSI) safety standards for highchairs - BS EN 14988 (all of ours do!)
Are Boori highchairs adjustable?

Yes, both the seats and footrests of Boori highchairs are designed to be height-adjustable, so they evolve with your child's growth stages, and accommodate different seating needs over time. Our highchairs can even be used into adulthood - just remove the backrest and they become a regular chair, ideal for studying with a matching desk.

Are Boori highchairs easy to clean?

Boori highchairs have adjustable trays, giving you plenty of room for cleaning. They also include water-resistant soft padded seat cushions, which are easy to wipe clean and maintain, even after messy meals.