Kids Trundle Beds

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Sleepovers – one of the fondest memories we each hold of our childhoods. Oodles of snacks, giggling until it hurts and the thrill of being allowed to stay up past the usual bedtime with our besties. Though now, of course, sleepovers are a little less exciting and a little more daunting as parents... but that’s all about to change with Boori’s trundle beds.

We’ve taken the stress out of sleepover club and impromptu guest visits, sparing you from pumping up airbeds or rearranging the furniture, and have instead provided you with stylish space saving solutions that not only make a comfortable bed for the night but excellent additional storage too (if you remove the second mattress).

Amongst our collection of trundle beds is our Neat Single Sleepover Bed, which comes in our White & Almond, Blueberry & Almond and Cherry & Almond colourways.

Designed with versatility and longevity in mind, the Neat Single Sleepover Bed has a playful design with curved corners and an underbed trundle, which would suit all bedroom aesthetics from airy, modern spaces to contemporary colour pop looks.

You will have peace of mind with our generous three-year warranty and can trust in the longevity of this investment for your family.

Trundle Bed FAQ's

What are the benefits of choosing a Boori Kids trundle bed?

Boori kids' trundle beds offer a smart, space-saving solution for sleepovers and storage, fitting neatly under (most of) our single and double beds when not in use. Designed with our commitment to quality and safety, our trundle beds are finished with our non-toxic paints and come complete with 8 directional wheels, ensuring a safe and durable sleeping environment for pint-sized guests.

What mattresses are suitable for Boori Kids trundle beds?

Generally, trundle bed mattresses are slightly thinner and shorter than standard mattresses to allow for easy storage underneath the main bed. Our Trundle Bed Mattress is the perfect fit at 180cm x 88cm. We recommend using mattresses that fit the specific dimensions of our Trundle Beds to ensure safety and comfort.

How easy is it to assemble a Boori Kids trundle bed?

We design our furniture for straightforward assembly with detailed instructions included with each product. Our trundle beds can be put together in just 5 steps, ensuring that assembly is manageable for a busy parent. Our customer service team are available to assist with any questions or concerns during the assembly process.