5 Uses for the Tidy Foot Step Stool

Tidy Foot Step Stool in 3 different colours

Little ones cherish their independence, but little ones are… well, little!

Sometimes children can do with an extra helping hand – or a lift - to aid them in early learning activities that develop their independence and bring achievement when overcoming challenges. We’ve put together below five uses for our Tidy Foot Step Stool, but there are plenty of other ways this sturdy bedside buddy comes in handy.

This booster step is crafted from premium solid wood, providing peace of mind in its longevity and durability. When your child outgrows the step, you can use it as an extra shelf on top of your chosen Chest or Dresser, perfect for house plants or picture frames.

1. Reaching for a favourite book

Whether they want to have a go at solo reading, or have been tasked with choosing a book for story time, the Tidy Foot Step Stool can aid your child in reaching up to their bookshelf. The Tidy Foot Step Stool was designed to work in perfect harmony with our Oslo Bookshelf, with the same two-tone design in a simple Scandi-inspired colourway.

Girl stood on a step stool reaching for books

2. Brushing teeth

Adults take tooth-brushing for granted. Learning to brush their own teeth is a huge achievement for your child, and so being able to reach the sink on their own is imperative to their success. The Tidy Foot Step Stool can easily be moved from room to room; it’s a versatile piece designed to aid family life.

Girl stood on a step stool brushing her teeth

3. Climbing into their bedside bed

The Natty Bedside Bed bridges the gap for younger children who aren’t quite ready for a full ‘big bed’. Ideal for toddlers, the guarded sides prevent nighttime tumbles and the modern two-tone design reflects the Tidy Foot Step Stool’s style. Now, your little one will always need to be tucked in by mum or dad, but the independence of hopping into bed by themselves is important!

Tidy Foot Step Stool next to Bedside Bed

4. Mini storage bench

Like a lot of Boori’s designs, our products don’t have to do what it says on the tin!

We encourage Boori families to think outside of the box to ensure longevity of our products, as some designs can change purpose when no longer suitable for the recommended ages.

The Tidy Foot Step Stool is no exception to this Boori rule! When your child no longer requires a little lift, the stool can easily become an extra seat in their bedroom or playroom, or a little storage bench! It’s also great for providing height and additional organisational space for desks or bedside tables.

Boy using Tidy Step Stool as a small seat

5. Toilet Training

Toilets can be a daunting prospect! Afterall, they appear much bigger to children than they do to adults. But, by providing a step to the throne you can help conquer the next stage of childhood as it encourages independence and provides a much more environmentally friendly option in comparison to the more common plastic steps.

So, there you have it, just some of the ways our Tidy Foot Step Stool comes in handy for family life! Want to encourage independence during play time too? Take a look at our blog post to learn more about letting your little one play alone.

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