Common Questions when Designing a Nursery

Setting up the nursery must be one of the most rewarding elements of preparing for a new arrival – seeing everything come together to create a haven for your little one to sleep. It can be daunting knowing where to start, so we caught up with Mum, Joanne, from Petite Side of Style to solve some common questions you might have when designing your nursery.

My Cot Bed Looks Empty! What Should I Fill it With?

I had no idea what went into a cot bed, I hadn't considered it until I’d put it together and it looked a little empty. I took to Pinterest, (Pinterest is always my go to) and decided I would need a fitted sheet, mattress protector, a blanket and some decorative cushions. We chose dusty pink and grey as the colour scheme and chose a beautiful halo net to drape over the head of the cot bed. It’s worth noting that all decorative accessories should be removed from your little one’s cot during sleep time.

Eton Convertible Plus with decor

Do I Need a Chair in the Nursery?

A chair was something that I didn't think was important for a nursery. I simply had not considered how often we would be feeding in her room though. When my Mum recommended a rocking chair I kind of grunted thinking – “who has them anymore?”. In actual fact, a rocking chair would have been perfect for my back. Instead, I chose a soft pink scandi-style chair to suit the rest of the nursery and it fits perfectly!

Pink nursery decor

What Type of Drawers Do I Need?

A chest of drawers, like Boori’s 3 Drawer Dresser is all you need for baby’s essentials. We organised the top-drawer using storage boxes and fill them with everyday items such as socks, bows, nappies and wet wipes. The second is filled with folded clothing and the third drawer is for Pollyanna’s sleepsuits. Our dresser also features a removable changing station which we’ve topped with a changing mat and any lotions that we feel need to be easily accessible!

Boori whit 3 drawer dresser with changing station and pad

Do I Need More Storage?

We decided we wouldn’t need a wardrobe in the nursery, instead we’ve used decorative wicker boxes and baskets for extra storage. These are perfect for cuddly toys and extra folded blankets. We’ve also installed a shelf with a driftwood hanging rail for baby books and dresses – this was inspired by Anneli Bush.

Nursery baskets and shelves

What Temperature Should the Room Be?

This was a real worry for me. We have a small nursery, and I was scared the room would overheat but at the same time I didn’t want it to be too cold either! One of our best purchases was The Gro Egg, it lights up red when the room is too hot, stays orange when the room is just right and blue when too cold. Perfect for peace of mind when Pollyanna is sleeping.

How Do I Choose my Nursery Furniture?

Stay true to your own style, we chose our furniture due to the squared edges as this angled look really works with the rest of the house. We wanted to pick a cot bed that would last us beyond the baby stage, the Boori Eton Convertible Plus Cot Bed converts into both a double bed and a sofa. We knew we wanted drawers with a removable changing station on top so we can still use the dresser when Pollyanna is out of nappies! 

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