How to Create a Modern Nursery

With ‘modern nursery’ being one of the most searched for styles on Pinterest, it’s no surprise that more and more parents are choosing to showcase a modern aesthetic in their baby’s nursery. Opting for longevity over short-term trends, bright, airy and minimalist nurseries are smart design choices for ensuring there’s no need to redecorate every time your little one has a new favourite thing! We’ve shared below four main ideas which will have you well on your way to designing a beautiful modern nursery which still provides a cosy and soothing environment.

Neutral Nursery Colours

To create a fresh, airy and open modern space a neutral base is the best place to start. Soft and understated tones on the walls will reflect that all-important natural light. It can be tempting to ‘over’ theme your child’s space and go all out with decals and wallpaper, but if you’re looking to create a space that will truly stand the test of time it’s best to opt for less permanent fixtures such as themed curtains and soft furnishings.

Boori furniture is designed to work in harmony with your chosen colour schemes and with nature as the inspiration for our colourways, they all work perfectly with a neutral backdrop. Available in three beautiful shades including calming Pebble, our Oasis Oval Cot Bed is ideal for creating a calming and tranquil space for your little one.

Beech Oasis Oval Cot


Natural Products for the Nursery

Texture and pattern rule in modern design and natural materials are a great way to bring in rich textural accents. Rattan and jute are a sustainable choice for injecting natural texture into your baby’s nursery, whether nifty storage baskets to keep toys from cluttering the floor, or as a fun and bold lightshade in a modern shape.

Wood is another strong and durable material that can make a statement in your modern nursery: choosing wood with a visible natural grain will bring the great outdoors into your home. Wooden toys not only bring texture to a room but also introduce your little one to the tactile feel of the natural knots and grain of wood. Our Tidy Rocking Horse features a simplistic design, showcasing the natural beauty of our sustainable timber and offering a modern take on a classic toy.

Tidy Rocking Horse


Have fun with Colour

Although starting with a neutral base, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with colour in your modern nursery. Introducing colour pops through accessories will bring life and energy to your baby’s bedroom and strong visual stimuli can also spur on  mental development. Our colourful muslins and fitted sheets are an easy and cost effective way to bring subtle soft colour to your nursery.

Rather than adorning walls with colourful decals or painted murals which can be fiddly or time-consuming, full-colour prints in fun designs can bring something bold and refreshing to the nursery that can easily be moved around or taken down as your child’s interests evolve.

White Eton Expandable Cot Bed in colourful nursery


Introducing Shapes

Shape and line have an important role in promoting a modern interior. Geometric shapes and clean lines rule over more intricate, traditional designs. With a touch of Nordic charm, our Turin Cot Bed has a fun two-tone colour scheme, sleek lines and unique angled legs.

Barley and almond Turin Cot Bed

Sharp, modern and punctuated geometric shapes finish off a modern nursery perfectly. Geometric plant pots placed upon bookshelves can achieve a sculptural pop, or use geometric pattens through rugs taking inspiration from our Scandinavian Nursery blog post.

Natty nursery furniture set in scandi room

Fancy some colour inspiration to aid you further in the quest for a modern nursery? As well as this gorgeous grey and yellow combination, our Pinterest is oozing with palette ideas.

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