How to Set Up Your Baby Changing Station

Baby laughing on change pad

As one of the most important aspects of your new nursery, the changing station will not only be the setting for nappy-changing duties, but also outfit changes and drying off after bath time!

Your baby changer should fulfil three main requirements: it should be practical, baby-safe, and of course, beautiful.

Babies could easily get through 10 nappies per day, so you and your changing station are really going to get to know each other! You’ll want to become a team, a well-oiled machine, making every step of changing, clothing and drying as fuss-free as possible.

Which Baby Changing Furniture is Right for You?

Depending on the space available, you have a choice of furniture when it comes to your baby changing area. For those short on floorspace, a dresser or chest with space to create a changer on top will be a practical choice. Our 3 Drawer Dresser and Sleigh 3 Drawer Dresser include removable changing stations, providing a sturdy spot for your little one to be changed and clothed. The spacious drawers will last beyond early years, where your dresser can live on in your child’s bedroom or even an adult room, with the change top removed.

3 Drawer Dresser with and without changing station

A separate changer like our Neat 3 Tier Changer is a great choice for those who have additional floorspace for a dedicated changing area. With storage for changing essentials, space on top for a changing mat and lockable wheels, a mobile baby changing station is a handy addition to your nursery. You can even wheel it into the bathroom for fuss-free post-bath drying.

Neat 3 Tier Changer

Consider the Practicalities

Although it’s important that your changing station is neat and in-keeping with your nursery aesthetic, practicality reigns king on the hierarchy of priorities. Look for changing stations with at least three tiers, drawers or compartments for lotions, nappies, easy-reach clothing, muslins and more. Nappy-changing is serious business and requires lots of items to be easily-accessible!

If you’re choosing a changing table with wheels, it’s wise to check that it fits through standard door frames: being able to wheel your changer to the site of an explosion is handy and preferable over carrying the scene of the crime into your pristine nursery!

Choose your Change Pad

Not all changing pads are created equal. You should be on the lookout for a changing mat that makes it easy to change your baby wherever and whenever you need to. A pad that’s versatile: perfectly fitting on your chosen furniture, but easy to move to other rooms when required. Our Cloud Change Pad has raised edges and a sturdy design, meaning it’s safe and ready to be placed wherever required. The anti-slip pad provides additional peace of mind and it’s easy to keep clean, with a wipeable waterproof surface.

Cloud Easyclean Change Pad

Changing Station Storage & Finishing Touches

Channel your inner Marie Kondo when storing your baby-changing essentials. De-clutter with compartmented storage, to keep everything neatly separated. Wicker and jute baskets fit perfectly on the 3 Tier Changer’s shelves, not only creating a great spot for wipes and muslins but also adding a stylish touch. Natural fibres add interesting texture to your nursery design and are preferable over synthetic materials for the care of our planet!

3 Tier Changer

Ever considered the walls surrounding your changing station? We didn’t think so, but the finish of your walls is rather important. Choose wipeable paint for those impressively projectile accidents, and if you can avoid white, it’s in your best interest. Mobiles and ceiling stickers are a clever idea for holding your little one’s gaze, keeping them still whilst you tackle changing.

There you have it – a guide to creating a practical and stylish changing station that ticks every box. For more tips on creating a functional nursery space for your little one, take a look at our previous blog post How To Build a Practical Nursery.

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