New Climbing & Playroom Furniture

We’re very excited to introduce you to the latest arrivals joining the Boori family’s selection of climbing and playroom furniture! All designed to encourage little ones to explore at their own pace, these early learning pieces will challenge motor skills, develop physical strength, encourage play and nourish wild imagination. Keep on reading to learn more about some of our designs and how you can create the ultimate playroom for your child with the loving and nurturing help of Boori.

Climbing Furniture

Our climbing furniture draws inspiration from paediatrician Dr Emmi Pikler, who first designed the pioneering ‘Pikler Triangle’ in the early 1900’s to enable children as young as six months old to learn their boundaries at their own pace and gain independence.

children climb on 3 piece climbing sets

We have designed a variety of beautiful pieces of climbing furniture that we think Emmi Pikler will be proud of, as they not only aid the development of your little one but will look gorgeous in any nursery or playroom too.

Our Tidy Climbing Triangle is Boori’s take on the ‘Pikler Triangle’ which will enhance your little one’s skills as they grow and is perfect for parents wishing to adopt a Montessori approach to their child’s learning.

boy climbs blue climbing triangle

For parents wanting to combine the classic design of the triangular climbing frame with an array of wooden obstacles to provide endless fun in the home, our Tidy Climbing 3 Piece Set will do just that.

tidy climbing 3 piece set in pink

The Tidy Climbing Arch, which is included within the Tidy Climbing 3 Piece Set, is also available as a standalone piece of climbing furniture and is ideal for children of all ages. Babies can reach up and grab the bars, learning to support themselves as they begin to take their first steps, and, for older children, the arch can be flipped upside down to become a unique balance board.

boy rocks in upside down climbing arch

Suitable for little ones from 6 months to 5+ years, each apparatus within our Climbing Furniture collection is guaranteed to be useful at every stage of childhood, whether learning to stand, climb or slide.

Thetis Activity Gym

Your little adventurer can create a world of their own with our Thetis Activity Mini Gym!

children play on indoor climbing gym

Crafted from sustainably sourced solid wood and engineered timber, this indoor climbing frame will withstand family life as your child scrambles up the climbing ladder to reach the top of their fairy-tale castle. “The Floor Is Lava” becomes an easy game to complete when using the swing play mode, and by whooshing down the mini slide your child can easily escape the dragon protecting the princess in the tower.

Blessed with a playroom or bedroom that offers oodles of floor space? Then you must be introduced to the extension for the Thetis Activity Mini Gym!

3 children play on indoor climbing gym in playroom

Featuring monkey bars across the top and ladders of varying heights, this is the perfect piece for siblings to enjoy playtime on together. When play time is over and it’s time to cosy up with a book before bedtime, throw a bedsheet or blanket over one end to create the most amazing den your kids will remember and cherish forever.

Tidy Balance Board

At Boori, we like to ensure our products have a range of uses to ensure longevity and keep playtime fun and interesting. We understand that children don’t enjoy the same activities at every stage of childhood, so we focus on ensuring they’ll never fall out of love with their favourite Boori pieces. The Tidy Balance Board offers endless opportunities for play. This simple and sturdy curved board can be used as a bridge, a ramp for toy cars or part of an obstacle course… wherever your child’s imagination will take them!

girl balances on pink balance board

The Tidy Balance Board also comes with an felt anti-slip base, which means children can play safely and quietly. Plus, floors stay protected!

We hope we’ve inspired you to create a playroom that fuels your child’s imagination! Now you’ve got early learning furniture ticked off your playroom list, take a look at our Modular Storage blog post to inspire a practical space for your child’s belongings.

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