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Tidy Climbing Set

Tidy Climbing Set

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Child sitting on the Tidy Climbing Arch

Tidy Climbing Arch

Child climbing Tidy Climbing Triangle
Tidy Climbing Board

Tidy Climbing Board

Kids playing on the Thetis Activity Mini Gym

Thetis Activity Mini Gym

Tidy Learning Tower

Tidy Learning Tower


Drawing inspiration from paediatrician Dr Emmi Pikler, we’ve combined the classic indoor Pikler triangle with a range of other indoor climbing furniture to provide endless playroom fun! Whether you’re looking for individual playroom furniture pieces or an indoor climbing frame combining an array of wooden obstacles, our varied range will have the perfect option for your family.

All of our climbing furniture pieces are designed to encourage children to learn to navigate at their own pace, developing motor skills, physical strength and agility. Suitable for little ones from 6 months to 5 years, each apparatus can be used differently at each stage of your child’s life whether learning to stand, climb or slide. At all stages of childhood, there is no doubt that imagination will be running wild!

You might now come to expect from Boori that many of our designs have dual or multipurpose to ensure longevity and flexibility. Our indoor play equipment and mini jungle gyms are no exception: the Tidy Climbing Arch can be flipped upside down to create a unique balance board, and the slide doubles up as a climbing ramp with moulded handles.

Expertly-crafted from a combination of plywood and sustainably sourced European Beech, longevity is at the heart of each of our sturdy playroom elements. Available in Barley White and Beech for classical bright and airy interiors, or our new fun colourways with Cherry and Blueberry for a more playful look. Our Scandinavian-inspired indoor children’s gym will look beautiful in all children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

Climbing Furniture FAQ's

Are there developmental benefits to climbing furniture? 

Climbing furniture can offer lots of developmental benefits for children:

  • Physical Development: Climbing encourages the use of large muscle groups to crawl, balance, and coordinate movements, which in turn helps to improve children's gross motor skills. It also enhances strength, flexibility, and fitness!

  • Cognitive Skills: Little one's spatial awareness and planning skills can be enhanced when they navigate climbing structures. They learn to solve problems and make decisions about the best ways to reach their goal.

  • Confidence and Self-Esteem: Each climbing success builds a child's belief in their own abilities, encouraging them to take on new challenges. This can boost a child's confidence and self-esteem.

  • Calculating Risk : Climbing teaches children to evaluate risks and understand their own limits. This develops judgment skills which help them approach challenges safely. Perfect for setting them up for the big wide world!

  • Social Skills and Cooperation: Climbing can promote turn-taking and teamwork in group settings, encouraging children to navigate challenges together and guiding their peers.
Who was Dr. Emmi Pikler?

You may have heard of the Pikler triangle without knowing about it's namesake.

Dr. Emmi Pikler (1902-1984) was a Hungarian paediatrician who developed a revolutionary approach to child care, for which she become renowned. Centred on the belief that children need to move freely and explore to develop at their best.

Born in Vienna, she moved to Budapest and became director of the Lóczy orphanage, where she implemented and refined her childcare philosophy.

She argued against the use of accessories that restrict babies, believing they should develop at their own pace, rather than being placed in positions they cannot achieve by themselves (like sitting in highchairs or 'standing' in walkers). Her method encourages caregivers to be respectful of, and responsive to, children's needs, observing and responding to their cues with sensitivity.

Boori's climbing furniture is the perfect way to bring Emmi's principles into your home and encourage your little ones autonomy!

What age range is Boori's climbing furniture suitable for?

Designed for children from 6 months to 5 years, our climbing furniture grows with your child, offering different uses at each developmental stage, from learning to stand to climbing and sliding.

Can Boori's climbing furniture be used in multiple ways?

Yes, many pieces, like the Tidy Climbing Arch, serve dual purposes, functioning as both a climbing frame and a balance board, providing versatility and longevity in use. Check out our blog posts for 5 Uses for our Tidy Climbing Triangle and Creating an Indoor Obstacle Course.