Nursery Storage Hacks & Ideas

When expecting your new arrival, your instincts propel you into full nesting-mode. Although charming ideas float around Pinterest suggesting that creating a nursery is an idyllic and unique character-building experience, your nursery is likely to be the smallest room in the house and requires a practical mind to plan.

They might be tiny, but babies come with lots of bits and bobs that all require a home! Space is required for muslins, nappies, changing products and many, many clothes (we aren’t exaggerating here), so clever storage hacks will become your best friend. We’ve compiled some ideas below to have you maximising space for your little one’s arrival in no time.

Under-Cot Space

When choosing your cot or cot bed, look for designs that include – or leave space for – underneath storage for the essentials. Making use of that valuable additional space will save on adding further to the footprint of your chosen furniture.

Our Sleigh Royale Cot Bed features an integrated drawer for discreet storage perfect for spare Baby Bedding.


White Sleigh Royale Cot Bed

Clever Changing Stations

Designed to sit harmoniously in the nursery with our Sleigh Royale Cot Bed, the Sleigh 3 Drawer Dresser with Sleigh Changing Station cleverly combines oodles of storage space with the practicality of a removable change top! This allows you to change your baby on the safe and guarded dresser without the requirement of a separate baby changer. Storage. Hack.

Grey Sleigh 3 Drawer Dresser with Sleigh Changing Station


Compartmentalise your Storage

Mess has a negative effect on our emotions, but super tidy little boxes of rolled up socks… there is nothing quite like it. Marie Kondo knows!

Not only does splitting drawers into compartments physically make it easier to store items, but it also mentally assists us to be more organised and at peace with our surroundings. 

Drawer dividers are a handy tool to keep your storage organised, as are our Tidy Modular Boxes. With the addition of miniature wheels, you can create helpful storage caddies to wheel around your baby’s nursery - great for storing baby changing essentials that you can wheel out of the way when not in use.

Baby clothes organised in a drawer


Adaptable Storage Furniture

Your little one won’t stay that size forever, so the biggest storage hack of all is to choose - where possible - furniture that adapts and grows with your family.

Our Sleigh Wardrobe can be used in two configurations: for babies, two clothing rails are perfect for storing their smaller items. For older children and adults, one hanging rail provides the right height for full-sized clothing to hang without creasing. With soft, gradual curves, this stylish piece is a beautiful addition to your new baby’s bedroom.

White Sleigh Wardrobe and grey Sleigh Wardrobe

Furniture with Multiple Uses

A piece of storage furniture might start life used for one thing, but it will adapt to have multiple functions over time, providing a valuable addition to your family life.

From day one, your Toy Box might not be filled with toys: news flash – new-born’s don’t really do much, and so it might be better utilised for your baby’s extra bedding as they fly through bed sheets. As your baby starts to interact and the requirement for toys increases, its namesake will ring true.

Dark wood toy box


Then, once your baby has become a child, this sturdy storage piece provides a safe and comfortable spot to add a cushion and sit when reading! Find yourself with teenagers? It’ll be sleepover time before you know it, and your toy box will once again become a space for spare bedding.

Building a nursery is great fun and should be an enjoyable experience for parents. By planning ahead with organisation at the forefront of your plans, your nursery can be a haven that is both stylish and functional!

Have a practical mind and want to hear more about how to create a functional space for your baby? Take a look at our Boori Nest blog post on How To Build a Practical Nursery.

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