Introducing Our Activity Gyms

Kids playing on Thetis Activity Mini Gym

We’d be here all day if we listed every benefit our Activity Gyms provide, but to name a few, indoor climbing frames develop motor skills, problem solving, memory, physical strength, flexibility and, most importantly, fun!

By providing a wooden play gym for your little one, not only do you discourage them from turning your beautiful plump sofa into a castle, but you also feed into their need for challenge. Conquering various aspects of an indoor climbing frame will bring joy, spark imagination and fulfil achievement.

Our Thetis Activity Mini Gym combines an array of play modes that can be easily switched up to keep your play gym fun and interesting for children aged 2-8 years old.

Thetis Activity Gym different modes

The climbing frame makes a wonderful tower, which you will see when your children scramble the cargo net to rescue the Prince or Princess, and use the sturdy slide as an escape route from the dragon keeping guard! This indoor play set also features a swing, which is great for strengthening core muscles and enhancing balance.

The Extended Version of the Thetis Activity Mini Gym features the same play options, without the need to swap components. The slide, swing, cargo net and climbing frame can be kept in place providing more options for play and learn activities. If you’re blessed with floor space, this option will complete the ultimate playroom.

Children playing on thetis activity gym

When not in use, both Activity Gyms provide a frame perfectly suited to create a cosy fort to read under. Draped with throws, sheets and blankets - or eiderdowns for an even darker and cosier den - quiet time can be enjoyed over a favourite book and warm glowing night light.

Kids reading under activity gym

Like all of Boori’s designs, these wooden play frames are expertly crafted from sustainably sourced sturdy timber, ensuring longevity for your family. In a playful two-tone colourway, we have mimicked Scandinavian design through simple lines, smooth curves and natural wood grain.

Close-ups of Activity Mini Gym

Your chosen Activity Gym will fit seamlessly with other Boori Play and Learn Furniture, such as our Tidy Rectangular Modular Box, to create an elegant and cohesive playroom.

Looking for play and learn furniture but tight on space? Our other climbing furniture options may be more suitable for your playroom or bedroom.

With younger children able to make use of each piece in our Tidy Climbing Set, it is great for children aged 6 months to 5 years+. Plus, the smaller frame will be sympathetic to even smaller nurseries.

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