Nursery Furniture for Grandparents

Grandparents cherish their active role in caring for grandchildren, and caring for grandchildren means providing a safe, calm and inspiring space for them in Grandma and Grandpa’s home! A bedroom for grandchildren doesn’t mean the little ones need to take over the place, but with a few clever tweaks and furniture choices, a functional bedroom can be created whenever they come for a sleepover.

grandparents hold grandchild

Clever Cots

Grandparents get to enjoy all the best parts of caring for babies and toddlers but usually only for one night or a few days at a time… That means that there isn’t always a need to have a cot bed in the spare bedroom. Our Oasis Oval Cot, although made from sturdy solid wood, is compact and light, and with lockable castors it’s easy to move around which means when the little ones aren’t staying it can be wheeled into another room or out of sight.

baby peeking over oval cot

As grandchildren grow beyond the newborn stage, it might be preferable to choose a cot bed that grows too. Our Eton Expandable Cot Bed uses clever conversion technology to provide a comfortable place to sleep through the various stages of childhood: from high to low cot position, toddler bed, up to a full adult-sized single bed when grandchildren are ready for their ‘big  bed’! Some grandparents are lucky enough to enjoy caring for multiple grandchildren, in which case the Eton Expandable Cot Bed could be transformed from single bed back into a Cot Bed for when the next little one arrives.

cot bed converted into single bed

Multi-functional Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is a great choice for grandparents’ homes, providing a piece that serves both grandparent and grandchild! Our 3 Drawer Dresser won’t need to house grandchildren’s belongings if they’re only staying a short while but can be handy for guest bedding or Grandma’s winter wardrobe. With the addition of our Cloud Comfort Change Pad, there's plenty of space on top of the dresser to create a changing station. 

nursery with white furniture

Picture-Perfect Pieces

Grandparents have been through it all before, but they can now enjoy their homes without having to fill it with all the bits and bobs that come with babies and children full-time! It’s important that furniture bought with children in mind is not only practical, but beautiful and in-keeping with the chosen style of their home.

Boori furniture is designed to be understated but elegant, to suit a range of décor and interior styles. Grandparents’ homes are no exception: with a minimal two-tone design, our Neat Wardrobe is a great addition to a guest bedroom with plenty of space for coats in the hanging space and little people’s sleepover pyjamas in the integrated drawer!

neat wardrobe and dresser set

Keeping Toys Tidy

Although Grandma & Grandpa’s house should be a fun place to be, with a designated space for occasional toys, the bedroom can be kept neat and tidy when they’ve headed home. Our beautiful Toy Box features plenty of space for baby bedding and a favourite selection of toys. Styled with a cushion and throw, the Toy Box is a beautiful addition to any guest bedroom, whether the occupant is big or small!

classic wooden toy box

Games with Grandparents

Early learning is a wonderful way for grandparents to engage with their grandchildren, making their home a fun and stimulating place to visit. Early learning furniture and toys can also be a little more tidy than oodles of toys strewn around the place: the Tidy Magnetic Drawing Board will provide hours of fun, and can be used to display masterpieces when grandparents are missing their tots. The Tidy Clothing Rail teaches little ones to be tidy when they stay, but also provides a spot to display adult’s hats and scarves or other occasional wear.

children playing with drawing board and clothing rack

With Boori’s timeless designs, clever conversion technology and multi-purpose furniture, grandparents can create a space that grandchildren love without imposing on their own homes. Boori also have furniture for big people too! Take a look at our beautiful collection of double beds.

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