Kids Double Beds

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We believe your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. After all, it's vital in providing you with a good night's sleep, which is exactly why our kids' double beds have been expertly crafted with premium solid wood and perfectly placed slats for optimum support and stability.

With a range of expertly crafted designs to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect kids double bed frame to suit your individual style.

Both boys and girls double beds are finished in our nursery-friendly paint which enhances the natural beauty of our wood's grain and keeps high VOCs out of your home environment. Take a look at our range of breathable and supportive double bed mattresses and soft cotton bedding sets to complete your kids double bed.

All Boori kids’ double beds are eligible for free shipping to mainland UK!

Kids Double Bed FAQs

What age can a child have a double bed?

The choice to move a child to a double bed usually hinges on personal requirements and the availability of space in the room.

With appropriate safety precautions in place, younger children can benefit from the ample space offered by a double bed. In fact, double beds are really helpful for story time and if your little one likes for you to stay with them while they get settled. If they tend to need re-settling after waking up in the night, double beds mean you both have more space to doze off again. Bed guards are really helpful for little ones transitioning into a double bed.

Generally, children who are 6 years old or more are well-suited for a double bed with no bed guards, particularly those who desire more room to sleep or often host sleepovers.

Why are double beds recommended for children?

Double beds offer several advantages for children: they provide more space for comfort when sharing the bed during illness, make for an ideal storytelling setup, promote independence, and have longevity as they can accommodate growing children into their teenage years.

They also offer flexibility for hosting guests and reduce the likelihood of nighttime tumbles with their larger size​​.

Check out our blog post on why double beds are perfect for children too!

Why are Boori double beds better for kids?

Our double beds are designed with children in mind! Boori double beds feature rounded corners to protect little ones during boisterous activities. They are made from sustainably sourced Australian and New Zealand pine timber to ensure longevity well into teenage years & beyond. We even use the same non-toxic blends of plant based paint that we use in our nursery furniture to protect your kids from VOC's throughout all of their growing years.