Nursery Ideas for Allergy Sufferers

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The nursery is a haven for both parents and babies alike. It should be a sanctuary for feeding, cuddles, sleep, learning and play time. If you or your little one are an allergy sufferer like many of us, keeping the nursery as allergy friendly as possible is paramount in ensuring your time spent in there is peaceful. We’ve put some simple steps together to have you well on your way to creating a sneeze-free oasis for you and your little one.

Accessorise with Air Cleaning Plants

Certain plants have the ability to help clear the air in your home. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and create oxygen, which is a vital element of clean and healthy air. Plants can absorb many other gases in addition to carbon dioxide, including volatile organic compounds which can really affect allergy sufferers!

Swedish Ivy and Chinese Money Plants are great choices to keep your air clean, they have beautiful cascading green leaves and would be the perfect addition to your bookshelf to create an eye-catching display. They are also safe for children and pets!

If you’re sensitive to mould spores, it’s best to avoid indoor plants, as these can be harboured in the soil.

Allergy friendly plant in ceramic pot

Opt for Low VOC Furniture

When looking for furniture for your little one’s bedroom choose ‘Low VOC’. ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ can easily become gases, which can be an irritant when breathed in or when they come into contact with skin, especially to those with allergies. VOCs originate from cleaning agents, paints, carpets and furniture and in an enclosed space can pollute fresh air.

The easiest way to reduce VOCs in the nursery is to choose furniture with a low VOC finish. At Boori, we’re committed to keeping your home safe, which is why our furniture is finished in an eco-friendly waterborne paint.

Close up of white cot bed paint finish

Limit Accessories that Collect Dust

One of the best parts of decorating for your new arrival is accessorising, but it’s important to be clever with your decorations if you suffer from allergies. The more surfaces you create, the more surfaces there are to collect dust!

Opt for smooth toys and accessories that wipe clean: our Tidy Rocking Horse is a great alternative to a traditional rocking horse with hair and fabric, as these materials are known to trap dust and irritants. 

Choose glass shades for your lamps and pendants and avoid hanging wall tapestries. Dried flowers such as pampas and bunny tails also attract dust.

Keep pooches and kitties away!

We know there’s nothing cuter than seeing the family dog laying next to your newborn’s cot. Our Instagram is filled with four-legged friends guarding the room of their new best friend. Unfortunately pet hair and dander (the dried skin particles… ew!) are terrible irritants, and so by keeping them out of the nursery, you’ll ensure the nursery is a trigger-free zone.

There you have it, a handy guide to keeping allergens out of the nursery. Choosing low VOC paint finishes will also have you on your way to creating a sustainable space for your little one by reducing pollutants… you can read more on the blog.

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