Safer Sleep for Babies

Sleeping baby

As a new parent, preparing your little one for their first sleep at home can be daunting. You’ve probably received endless tips from friends and relatives on how to get your baby to sleep soundly and it can all seem rather overwhelming. Your baby’s safety is number one priority which is why it’s best to seek professional advice and consult resources from the likes of the NHS or the Lullaby Trust.

As well as recommending you follow the safe sleep guidelines from the leading sources we’ve mentioned above, we’ve shared some helpful tips to give you peace of mind whilst your baby sleeps.

Cot Bed & Mattress Safety Standards

When choosing your baby’s cot bed and mattress, you should ensure they meet all relevant and current safety standards for your country. Our cot beds meet European and British safety standards EN 716-1-2:2017 & BS 8509:2008+A1: 2011 this means they’ve been tested with specialist machines designed to ensure they’re fit to withstand the bumps and knocks of family life. Our mattresses meet BS EN 16890:2017 and/or BS 1877:10, ensuring they offer optimum safety for babies.

Buy a Mattress to Fit Your Cot Bed

Your baby’s mattress must be well-fitting for your cot or cot bed with no excessive gaps. It’s advisable to purchase your mattress at the same time as your cot to ensure you purchase the correct size. Boori cot beds feature a suitability label on the base which indicates which mattress you should buy, a 132cm x 70cm mattress will fit current Boori cot beds only.

Cot and cot bed mattress sizes

Where Should a Newborn Sleep?

The NHS advises that the safest place for a newborn baby to sleep for the first 6 months is in its own cot in the same room as the parents. This gives you the ability to easily tend to baby’s needs by keeping them close at hand.

Choose a cot that offers optimum visibility and can be moved easily between rooms for when your little one moves into their nursery.

Oasis Oval Cot as a bedside sleeper

Baby Bedding

Fitted sheets and mattress protectors should be fitted snugly around your baby’s mattress and blankets should be properly tucked into the sides. Cushions and toys should only be used as decoration and should be removed from the cot or cot bed when baby is unattended. Quilts, thick blankets and pillows should only be used for babies over 12 months old.

Baby on pink cot bed mattress

For more information on practicing safe sleep for your baby, please read through the resources available on the NHS or the Lullaby Trust.

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