Tips for Creating the Perfect Playroom

Although Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, unfortunately not everyone has the space to accommodate the latest trends such as swings hanging from the ceiling or climbing walls for your kids to master! That’s why we’re here to offer you practical tips and advice on creating the perfect playroom to keep your child entertained.

Zoned Activities

It can be tricky for younger ones to stay focussed. So, to keep their minds stimulated why not divide your room into zones, each with a different activity? Our tables and chairs offer an ideal spot for little ones to sit down and unleash their creativity. You could set up modular shelving close by, making it easy for children to access craft supplies for their next masterpiece.

If you have enough floor space, adding a brightly coloured play mat is a great way to create a comfy zone for floor play. It also provides a soft landing and protects your floor if your child likes to use building blocks to create towers and inevitably knock them over!

When it’s time to settle down, why not transform a corner into a cosy reading nook? Beanbags and cushions are all your need for seating and our bookcases provide a great way to store and showcase your child’s favourite books. They can be used as a standalone bookcase or placed on top of one of our dressers to create the ultimate storage solution. For complete peace of mind, we supply a wall strap kit for additional safety and security.

Toy Storage

Storage is essential to avoid your child’s playroom floor becoming a sea of toys! A classic Toy Box is a timeless piece and provides easy access for children, meaning there’s no excuse for a messy space. Crafted with sustainable solid wood, our toy boxes have soft close hinges and an air gap so you can be sure your little one’s fingers are safe as they play.

A Playroom that Grows with Your Child

Children don’t stay little forever and their interests are ever-changing, so it’s a good idea to find furniture and toys that can adapt as your child develops. As well as offering better value for money, this will reduce waste and means you don’t need to keep purchasing new products as your child grows.

Our Thetis Rocking Horse is a perfect example – it can be used as a traditional rocking horse, see-saw and finally a stylish storage box when no longer required for play time.

With your child’s comfort in mind, our study desks and chairs and Tidy Learning Table are height adjustable. They’re designed to grow with your child, offering plenty of support for optimum focus and creativity!

If you need help with choosing your playroom furniture, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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