Top Tips for Creating a Bedroom for Siblings

Boys sat at the top of a bunk bed together

It’s not always possible for all your children to have their own room, or you may find they want to share a room together! Whatever the circumstances, you’ll want to create a room that’s as relaxing and as stress-free as possible. Even the best natured siblings won’t always find it easy to share a room, so we’ve put together some tips on how to create a bedroom that works and a space they’ll love!

Give Each Child Their Own Space

Regardless of the age difference, each child needs a defined space that they can call their own. Providing clear boundaries helps ensure a sense of owned space and promotes a more harmonious environment.

Kids’ single beds are an ideal step up from the toddler bed, if positioned side by side they’re a great way to divide the room into individual spaces. Get your children involved with the design and let them pick accessories to suit their likes and personalities. If there’s enough space, providing them with separate storage in the form of their own desk or bedside table offers private spaces for their own belongings.

Sisters on a laptop together


If limited space is a factor in your children’s room, go vertical! Bunk beds are a family favourite. You can utilise the additional floor space (vs two single beds) for play time with your kids and as they grow older, you can adapt to their changing needs by introducing study desks or a quiet reading zone with a bookcase.

maxi bunk bed is a great option for older kids, especially if they’re sharing with a younger one. With a full-size double bed bottom bunk, this unique bunk bed style offers a more grown up sleeping space for older siblings but still provides the fun of a single bed top bunk for the younger ones.

Alternatively, you could consider loft beds to really optimise the available space. With a high bed position, the area underneath is perfect for creating various bespoke solutions for every child’s needs. Whether it’s providing another bed, additional storage in the form of dressers or chests, a play den or dedicated study area with a desk and chair, the options are endless.

For an extra bit of fun, you could add a bed tent to give an exciting place to play together or the privacy of a hide-out when they want some alone time.

Neat Bunk Bed with siblings

Trundle Beds

Whether your room is slightly on the smaller side or you don’t want to overcrowd the space with bulky storage furniture, a Trundle Tidy Bed is a perfect solution. It’s discreet and multifunctional and can be used as a storage drawer or guest bed for those all-important sleepovers.

Boys reading together on a bed and trundle bed

Stay Tidy and Organised

Undoubtedly, a bedroom will become messier with more children. You don’t want to go overboard and make the room feel small and overcrowded, so look at clever storage options with multiple uses. Furniture like our modular boxes have multiple functions – use as a toy box or combine a few to create a tailored storage solution.

Tidy Modular Boxes

Think Longevity

The needs of a growing family are ever-changing. Boori furniture is designed to work with you and to withstand the bumps and knocks of family life. Our dressers and wardrobes are substantial in size and our desks and study chairs are height adjustable so they’ll grow with your children during those growth spurts!

If you have any questions about our furniture, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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