Understanding Cot Bed Modes

A common presumption is that all cots are the same, providing a space for your baby to sleep until they’re too big and you need to buy a larger bed. That’s not the case with Boori furniture, our premium quality and unique conversion technologies mean your cot bed grows with your child.

Cot Bed Mode

If you’re looking for a safe environment for your little one to sleep from birth to toddler, our range of cot beds have everything you need. In cot mode, our cot beds are suitable to use from birth to around 24 months old, at which stage your baby will most likely require it to be converted into Toddler Bed Mode.

They’re crafted from premium solid wood and all feature two base heights. A high base height to allow for easy access to newborns and a lower height to keep them safe when they’re that little bit bigger and are able to pull themselves up.

When choosing bedding for the cot mode you’ll need a mattress (132 x 70 for Boori cot beds), fitted sheets, light blankets or sleeping bags. Duvets and pillows shouldn’t be used until your baby is at least 12 months old.

cot bed with adjustable base height


Toddler Bed Mode

All our cot beds can be converted into a toddler bed once your baby reaches around 24 months old. Of course, this age will vary and you’ll know when the time is right. This mode is specifically to reduce the risk of your child falling out and hurting themselves whilst keeping them in the familiar environment they’re used to, so if you notice increased activity or cot bed acrobatics it’s time to make the change! We recommended moving your toddler into a ‘big bed’ once they reach about 5 years old.

Our Natural Pocket Spring Mattress is ideal for both the cot bed mode and toddler bed mode as it’s double sided with a firm side for newborns and a softer side as your child gets older. As your child will most likely be over 12 months, you may want to introduce a light duvet and pillows to replace your cot bed bedding.

Once your little one has outgrown their toddler bed, many of our cot beds can become a cosy sofa once you’ve removed the toddler guard panel.

toddler girl sits in sleigh bed with toddler guard panel


Convertible Plus Double Bed & Sofa Mode

As well as cot bed and toddler modes, our Convertible Plus Cot Beds can transform into a double bed and sofa at the same with the addition of our Convertible Plus Conversion Kit. If you have a Convertible Plus Cot Bed, you can find a handy conversion video here on our website.

Essentially this versatile furniture is suitable for all ages; the cot bed from birth to 24 months, the toddler bed from 24 months to 5 years and the double bed and sofa for all ages meaning there’s no need to buy furniture to suit each stage of your child’s development.

As well as your cot bed bedding and mattress, you’ll need double bedding and a mattress when it’s time to transform your Convertible Plus. For the sofa, simply use a cot bed mattress as a comfy base cushion and add smaller decorative cushions to create a cosy nook.

toddler bed converts into double bed and sofa


Expandable Single Bed Mode

Once your little one outgrows the toddler bed, simply use our Expandable Conversion Kit to easily transform your Expandable Cot Bed into a full sized single bed. See how our innovative technology works here on our website.

As with our Convertible Plus Cot Beds, the Expandable collection is suitable for all ages; the cot bed from birth to 24 months, the toddler bed from 24 months to 5 years and the single bed 5 years plus.

You’ll need a cot bed mattress and bedding as well as a single mattress and single bedding for when your little one has outgrown their toddler bed. Our new generation Expandable Cot Beds  come with a compact conversion kit that can be stored under your little one’s cot bed until you need it!

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