What to Look out for When Choosing Your Highchair

If your little one is sitting up by themselves without any help from Mum & Dad, it’s time to consider a highchair for mealtimes. Not only does a highchair make meals easier, joining the rest of the family at the dining table is also fantastic for your baby’s development.

There are several highchairs available these days and it can be tricky to determine which is best for you and your family. Safety and comfort are the key considerations but there are a few other factors you’ll want to ensure mealtimes are as simple and fuss-free as possible!

Highchair Safety

When choosing a highchair, look out for chairs that meet the current Australian/New Zealand standard, AS 4684-2009, as these have been rigorously tested to ensure your child is kept safe during mealtimes. You should also opt for highchairs with a wider base – as an example, Boori highchairs feature a triangular wooden frame for optimum stability.

It’s also important that your highchair features a safety belt or harness to keep your baby secure - you’ll be amazed how much a baby can wriggle when they’re demonstrating their distaste for certain foods! Our expertly crafted highchairs feature a unique 5-point safety harness that attaches securely to the seat for complete peace of mind.

When using your highchair, always use the safety harness and always supervise your baby. You should also avoid placing the highchair on any uneven or slippery surfaces.

Highchair safety harness


Mealtimes with a baby can be rather wild, so it’s important to consider whether a highchair is practical and if it’s going to help make things easier for you as a parent. Water resistant seat covers are a must so that any spills can be easily wiped up, you’ll also want the entire chair to be made from a material that can be quickly wiped clean after a messy meal.

The tray should be removable so that baby can be placed in and taken out of their chair with ease. It should also be adjustable to keep your baby comfortable.

Baby eating in highchair


Mealtimes should be enjoyable for your little one which is why comfort is hugely important when it comes to choosing your highchair. Padded seat cushions will keep little bodies cosy and snug whilst an ergonomic seat ensures correct posture as they grow.

Tidy highchair with padded seat cushions


Look out for furniture that will last beyond the baby phase, some highchairs have the ability to transform into a junior chair or even a chair that adults can use like our Neat Highchairs. Not only does this offer better value but also reduces wastage as you won’t be discarding your highchair after only a couple of years!

Neat Highchair as highchair and adult's chair


Although not as important as safety and comfort, your baby’s highchair is going to be on display in your home so it’s understandable to want the design to fit in with your interior style. Something bright and cheerful will add a welcome pop of colour, or you may want to consider something a little more understated like neutral tones and real wood grain.

Boori highchairs

We hope this helps you find the perfect highchair for you and your family. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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