6 Uses for Our Tidy Balance Board

Girl balancing on Tidy Balance Board

Our Tidy Balance Board is expertly crafted from sustainably sourced engineered timber to be a versatile piece in the puzzle of your little one’s development and, through imaginative play, this wooden balance board is designed to nurture your child’s curiosity.

Our Tidy Balance Board is suitable for toddlers and children aged 3 and above, and will be an invaluable addition to your playroom or child’s bedroom.

We have no doubt your child will find an array of uses for their new playroom accessory, but if you’re in need of some ideas, we’ve outlined six possible uses below!

1. A Traditional Balance Board

The sturdy rocking motion of our Tidy Balance Board supports physical development as well as a child’s cognitive ability, allowing your child to practice coordination and spatial awareness when used as a traditional balance board.

The soft curve of this wooden design makes it a challenge to balance on, which means it has the perfect amount of wobble to encourage your little one to use their core and coordination to stay on it!

With solid sustainable wood, it’s sturdy enough to support children at all stages of childhood.

Tidy Balance Board

2. A Bridge for Cars and Toys

Toy cars will zoom over the smooth wood of our Tidy Balance Board faster than Lewis Hamilton can make his way around Silverstone, making it the perfect bridge for your mini car enthusiasts.

Your little one can release their cars at the top of the arch and see which one reaches the bottom first. Flipped up the other way, cars can be launched up the ramp and into the air, fulfilling that inner daredevil.

Children playing on Tidy Balance Boards

3. A Ramp to the Sofa Fort

Your child can use the Tidy Balance Board as a ramp themselves, too. After all, we all know by now that the floor is lava and nothing else!

This handy play piece can be used to bridge the gap between the floor and your sofa, providing a fun steppingstone in a whole host of different games.

4. An Obstacle Course

Combined with our other playroom furniture pieces, such as the Tidy Climbing 3 Piece Set, you can create the ultimate obstacle course for your child.

Once they’ve conquered the Climbing Ramp, Triangle and Arch, they can complete a balancing challenge or hop over the ramp to the finish line!

Tidy Climbing Set

5. A reimagined vehicle

For smaller children, the Tidy Balance Board is big enough to be reimagined as a car, boat, train or rollercoaster – and even a rocket or surfboard!

Let your child’s imagination run wild as they rock back and forth or shake the board during their game, creating the feel of their favourite mode of transport.

Encourage your child’s creativity even more by letting them loose on tin foil, paper, cardboard and whatever arts and crafts materials you have in the house, to really bring their imagination to life.

6. A mini make-shift desk

For those little ones that are a little less adventurous, and perhaps more creative, the Tidy Balance Board can be flipped over to create a mini make-shift desk that they’d be proud of in their pretend supermarket, office, or travel agents.

Us adults need a little more assistance when it comes to using our imaginations, but hopefully you understand now just how fun our Tidy Balance Board can be! Want to hear more about what Boori can offer for the playroom? Take a look at our post, introducing you to our new activity gyms!

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