Choosing Environmentally Friendly Nursery Furniture

Designing your baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting parts of parenthood. After all, you get to inject your personal style into a room that’s a cosy, warm and peaceful sanctuary for your little one. It will fill you with pride whenever you step into their space.

It can feel like there is an overwhelming list to tick, but now more than ever, choosing eco-friendly pieces for your nursery is accessible and simple when you know what to look out for!

Sustainably sourced Materials

solid wood cot with sustainability logo

Firstly, consider sustainable materials when designing your eco-friendly nursery: solid wood offers a natural, renewable material and, at Boori, we’re committed to minimising our effect on the world’s tree population. 

It's important to choose new cots and cot beds due to changes to safety standards, however, other furniture pieces such as chests and toy boxes made from reclaimed or recycled materials make a great choice for the nursery.

Designs that Grow with your Child

With long-lasting and adaptable furniture, you can ensure your nursery stands the test of time, whilst saving money without having to replace furniture at every growth-spurt!

Our Expandable and Convertible Plus conversion technologies ensure a long lifespan for your cot bed. When the time is right, each bed can easily transform into a full adult-sized single bed using the kits included. Our Oasis Oval Cot Bed also lasts you well beyond the new-born stage. When you’re ready, it can be transformed into a toddler bed and finally, a cosy, stylish sofa.

It's wise to consider longevity when choosing your baby’s wardrobe, too! Wardrobes with two hanging rails are suited to babies and toddlers’ outfits, and by choosing a wardrobe that can be configured in later life to have one full-height rail, you’ll save a future purchase and limit your waste and impact on the environment. Our Linear Wardrobe comes in two tranquil colourways, making them a versatile choice for little ones from new-born to teen!

wardrobe painted in both grey and white

Multipurpose Furniture

A changing table is essential for your new nursery, but it won’t be required forever!

Rather than opting for a stand-alone baby changer, chests or dressers with removable changing stations make a great choice for your eco-friendly space.

Our Sleigh 3 Drawer Dresser with a squared changing station that can be removed when no longer required, makes it an investment for the long-run! The spacious fully extendable drawers are suitable for clothes for all ages, all the way from new-born to adult.

sleigh dresser with and without changing station

Furniture that’s Built to Last

Products that include a warranty give you the peace of mind that your chosen brand believes in the strength and durability of their product, as well as the safety. These designs that are built to last will limit your nursery’s impact on the planet, as it means you will only buy once!

We trust in the quality of our products and know they will withstand the bumps and knocks of family life, and this is why all of our pieces come with a manufacturer’s warranty to protect against the unlikely event of a manufacturing fault.

Boori’s assembly and step-by-step furniture building process means that if a part is damaged accidentally, a replacement part can be purchased rather than needing to replace the entire product! This is a planet-friendly win – reducing waste and our carbon footprint once again.

Timeless Designs

It might seem strange to say that the style of your furniture affects your nursery’s sustainability, but it’s true.

By choosing pieces with a timeless look, you can not only ensure that your nursery or child’s bedroom can be adapted to suit the latest trends, but can also be adapted to suit your little one’s current likes and dislikes (and boy will they change)! This will limit unnecessary purchases later down the line, limiting waste.

Our Linear Chest of Drawers and Bed Side Tables feature classic clean lines in an array of sympathetic colours to ensure they suit all interiors, from contemporary Scandinavian themed spaces to feminine floral bedrooms.

pink chest of drawers with cuddly toys

Eco-Friendly Finishes

When purchasing your planet-conscious furniture, choose finishes that safeguard the earth and your little one from unnecessary toxins and pollutants. We’re extremely proud to have been the first nursery furniture brand to have achieved Greenguard GOLD certification and we remain as committed as ever to ensuring our paint finishes are planet-friendly and safe for your baby.

Our water-based paint finishes are inspired by mother nature, too! From Blueberry and Cherry to Almond and Barley, you’ll notice our trend-setting colourways mimic the beauty in nature.

cot bed with sustainability logo

With our tips above, your quest for a sustainable nursery is within easy reach. Want to hear more about choosing natural products for your nursery or child’s bedroom? Take a look at our blog post, featuring stylish ideas to bring nature indoors.

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