Natural Products for the Nursery

Calmness and serenity are associated with the feeling of being in nature. Reflecting Mother Nature through in your little one’s nursery not only lifts the mood, but choosing natural products can also safeguard your baby from unnecessary toxins and indoor pollutants. These items are often timeless in design and colour and so promise design longevity as your child grows.

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The benefits aren’t restricted to you and your baby either, conscious product choices restrict our negative effect on the planet too. Boori furniture is inspired by nature; the swirl of the nautilus shell providing a key design element of our Sleigh Royale Cot Bed and Coffee, Almond and Barley being the inspiration behind our rich paint finishes. We care passionately about our customers’ and our planet’s well-being, using sustainable materials wherever possible and adopting processes that reduce our impact on the environment. We want to share our wisdom with you, inspiring you to choose natural products for your home.

boori woods compared to natural materials like coffee beans

Choosing Natural & Sustainable Materials

Wood is a durable and renewable material which is why the majority our furniture is made with solid wood including Australian Araucaria, European Beech and Yellow Poplar. The grain and texture of these species produce a beautiful consistent finish and as our Expandable Cot Beds and Convertible Plus Cot Beds can be transformed to grow with your child, we have to ensure our products will stand the test of time. We’re committed to minimising our effect on the world’s tree population, and so choose to only select timber from FSC-certified sources. We also adopt processes that result in less wood wastage. Learn more about the beauty of sustainable wood here. 

Cotton is chosen for its soft and breathable qualities, providing the perfect composition for our 100% cotton fitted sheets. Our Natural Pocket Spring Cot Bed Mattress is also a perfect choice for those looking for all-natural products, it is handmade using a combination of coconut coir, latex and British wool and is chemical-free. You might associate latex with synthetic products, but did you know that it is the white substance found underneath bark of the rubber tree? Its purpose in our Natural Cot Bed Mattress is to provide optimum support for newborns!

Bamboo and rattan are also considered sustainable natural materials due to being fast-growing. They don’t require a large amount of energy to produce, and they’re biodegradable making them a great choice for a natural nursery. Natural Baby Shower is a great place to source decorative items and accessories like these, they are the champions of all things natural and organic!

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Avoiding Nasty Chemicals in Your Nursery

When purchasing furniture, looking for finishes that safeguard your little one from unnecessary toxins and pollutants is an important part of achieving a natural nursery. We were extremely proud to have been the first nursery furniture brand to achieve Greenguard GOLD certification and we remain as committed as ever to ensuring our paint finishes are nursery-friendly and safe for your little one.

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Choosing a low-VOC wall paint such as Little Greene’s Child Safe Paints in a neutral tone like warm white or soft will further enhance a calming earthy feel in your child’s bedroom. Natural light carries a range of health benefits for you and your little one; it keeps air refreshed and reduces bacteria growth. So choose light shades to reflect that natural light around the room and ensure good ventilation.

turin cot bed in natural style nursery

Add Natural Final Touches

Adding pops of refreshing greenery through live plants is a great way to inject the outdoors into your nursery. Trailing plants on high shelves add intrigue to the room, with certain species being great for purifying the air. Be sure to research non-toxic varieties and keep your plants high up out of reach of your little one!

Arguably one of the most important aspects of the natural world – the animal kingdom! A natural nursery wouldn’t be complete without an animal character or two. We love the friendly animal faces featured in Isabelle's Neutral Nursery.

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Want to learn more about environmentally friendly nurseries? Read more from the experts at Natural Baby Shower here.

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