Designing a Nursery for Twins

Twins sat on a picnic blanket in the garden

With helpful advice and some creative forward-thinking, designing a nursery for two newborns needn’t be a daunting task. Although two babies mean double the decisions when it comes to planning, by focussing on efficiency with an injection of personality, designing for twins can be double the fun, too!

Think Strategically

Twins do not like to hang around; often eager to leave, they usually make their appearance earlier than expected. That’s why it is vital to prepare your twins’ nursery with plenty of time to spare, to ease your mind and give you ample opportunity to prepare.

Take stock of the space available, taking careful measurements of the room and plotting it onto paper, making note of windows and doors which may hinder the full use of certain items of furniture. Then list all functional items required for the room, with clever storage options at the forefront of your mind before moving onto more personal and fun finishing touches.

Don’t Double Up on Everything

Although you’re welcoming two little ones into the world, you won’t need two of everything. You aren’t an octopus, so changing or dressing your twins simultaneously would prove rather difficult.

You can certainly get away with just one chest of drawers, and one changing table. To save even further on space, our Curved 2 Drawer Chest Changer offers a practical storage solution with two spacious storage drawers and an integrated changing station on top!

Curved 2 Drawer Chest Changer

Our clever hutches can be secured on top of our 3 drawer chests. This would give you additional storage space above your drawers to fill with handy baskets. If you want to optimise your drawer space further, simply follow the magical ways of Marie Kondo… after a few Google and Pinterest searches you’ll be rearranging every drawer in your home.

Choosing the Right Cot

What you will need to double up on is your cot and as our compact cots are slightly smaller than our standard cot beds, they’re the perfect choice for a twin nursery.

Choose a clean minimal design such as our Turin Compact Cot, this will help make the room feel less ‘fussy’. With lockable castors and a small footprint, the cot gives you plenty of placement options. Should you need to place your cots in the centre of the room or place them side-by-side, the simple lines of this timeless design will keep your nursery looking neat and tidy.

White Turin Cot

Full-sized Furniture

Invest in longevity - choose full-sized furniture to house your twins’ belongings through their childhood. With space even for adult-sized clothing, our wardrobes are a clever choice for one of your big-ticket items. Featuring large drawers, storage shelves and hanging rails these storage options will certainly stand the test of time. Available in a range of versatile styles, our wardrobes can evolve with your little one as their personality grows and reflects in their bedroom style.

Sleigh Wardrobe and Neat Wardrobe

Maximise on Storage

Although double the fun, two babies also mean double the clothes, double the washing and double the toys! Be smart with storage, and choose neat storage solutions that can adapt with your children. Our Tidy Toy Box can be used as a toy box or storage bench and as your children grow up, its handy wheels mean they can tidy up after themselves when playing.

Tidy Toy Box full of toys

Creating a nursery for your two new babies is a personal experience, however, we hope that our wisdom will arm you with the knowledge and peace of mind when preparing for your new family.

Although just for one beautiful baby and not twins, seek inspiration from Isabelle’s Neutral Nursery to add character to a minimalistic bedroom.

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