How to Keep Your Nursery Organised

The key to a neat and tidy nursery is to come up with organisational solutions that are easy to maintain. Although Pinterest is full of whimsical and wonderful “storage hacks” Marie Kondo would be proud of, there’s no need to overcomplicate things. Ultimately, avoiding clutter will reduce your stress as new parents, creating a serene environment for you and your little one to enjoy. We’ve put together some simple ideas below to help you on your way to creating and keeping order in your baby’s bedroom.

Clever Cot Beds

Storage solutions that don’t impose on your nursery floor plan are a great way to keep the room clutter-free and spacious. Our show-stopping Sleigh Royale Cot Bed has both style and substance: with a stunning curved design and an under-bed drawer providing discreet organisation. This nifty design feature provides an ideal place to store extra baby bedding or nappies.

Think Outside The (Toy) Box

Just because something is traditionally used to house a particular item, doesn’t mean that’s all you can use it for! Choose organisational furniture that can be adaptable and versatile to suit your family as it grows, such as our Toy Box.

With plenty of internal space for your child’s most treasured possessions, the Toy Box may begin life in the nursery before being moved to the playroom to house board games! Or, filled with cushions and throws it can provide a handy place to keep guest bedding within easy reach.

Full-Sized Storage Furniture

They might be tiny, but babies have an impressive (and slightly shocking) number of belongings. Although it might seem logical to opt for baby-sized furniture, choosing full-sized from the word go will have your future self dancing with glee at your organisational choices.

Our wardrobes complement our full range of furniture and are expertly-crafted to withstand the bumps and knocks of family life. With fully-extendable drawers, storage shelves and hanging rails, the organisational possibilities are endless! The drawers are very spacious, meaning you can easily categorise your child’s clothing with the use of drawer dividers.

A Tidy Changing Area

Most changing supplies need to be on hand at all times such as bottles, nappies and wipes which can make it hard to keep your changing station neat and tidy. Choosing a chest of drawers with an integrated changing station will not only save on space but will provide a tidier option to house your toiletries and nappies.

If you’re looking for something more mobile, our 3 Tier Changers are designed to make changing as fuss-free and clutter-free as possible. Lower shelves are ideal for keeping essentials close by, and lockable castors mean you can easily and safely move the changer in and out of position. Roll up cloths and nappies and tuck into woven baskets for a neat and tidy changing storage solution.

Smart Wall Storage

Rather than taking up lots of valuable floor-playing space, walls and doors provide the perfect option for further organisation. Whether an ingenious ‘over-the-door’ shoe holder to provide home for odd bits and bobs, or tall shelves for stories and toys, make the most of vertical space in the bedroom. If you’ve already chosen on of our chests, why not make the most of the space above with our Tidy Hutch?

We hope the above offers some simple solutions to providing an organised, calm and peaceful space for your new baby. If you’re looking for tips on keeping things tidy in an older child’s bedroom, take a look at Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Room Tidy(ish).

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