How to Make the Most of Your Loft Bed

A bed doesn’t have to be merely a necessity: our loft beds allow you to save space, maximise floor space and get creative by providing an additional area to style in your child’s bedroom! Whether you own a loft bed already or are wondering whether it’s the right addition to your home, read below some of our ideas on utilising the bed and space below to its full potential.

The Perfect Place for Play

To keep the clutter of playtime to a specific area, why not make the space under your loft bed a designated play zone? We know children are going to wander off with toys in hand before plonking them down in unusual places but the enclosed cosy nature of the loft bed provides a great spot for playing and will influence them to (mostly!) keep their toys in one area. A soft rug or wipe-clean mat will help to zone the space, and our sustainable solid wood Toy Box offers the perfect storage solution for both toys and den-building materials such as blankets and cushions.

Boy next to toy box full of toys

A Quiet Spot for Study

Having their own space for studying will benefit your child by providing a quiet environment as well as giving them the responsibility of keeping the area tidy. By adding a study desk and chair you will instantly transform the loft space into a lovely reading or homework nook. With pots of coloured pencils and a tray of stickers, when they’re not working on schoolwork, your little one can let their creativity run wild, drawing from their imaginary under-bed castle! Why not let your child decorate the wall with their artwork, or if you’re feeling brave, paint the wall with blackboard paint for chalk doodles?

Desk under loft bed

Create a Cosy Corner

Associating the loft bed with comfort and cosiness will influence calmness in your child’s bedroom. Beanbags and scatter cushions are a great choice to make this cosy space as comfortable as possible. With plenty of books on hand in our Oslo Bookshelf, this chilled spot would be great for reading, writing in a diary or zoning out and listening to music. Adorn the bookshelf with a warm-light lamp with adjustable brightness to set the ambience to soothe.

Oslo Bookshelf under loft bed

A Bed for Besties

With the help of a separate conversion kit, our Natty Single Loft Bed has the capability to transform into a bunk bed. With versatility at the heart of its design, this loft bed combines sleek styling with practicality, growing with your family as you require, whether for bestie sleepovers or siblings joining the bedroom. Bunk beds don’t always have to be for two sleepers, the lower bunk can provide a sofa-like area if you’re clever with cushions and throws. This comfy spot would make a great pillow fortress, or a lounge spot for your little one to hang out with their friends.

Natty Single Bunk Bed

Inspired by the versatility of our Natty Single Loft Bed? Read more about our adaptable furniture here.

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