How to Design a Bedroom for a Toddler

Little girl in toddler bed

A time for great social, cognitive and emotional development, when your little one becomes a toddler it’s time to start thinking about transforming the nursery into a space for them to play, learn and grow. You’ll want to create a functional room that they adore from tiny tot to child: a little forward-thinking will see you transform your baby’s nursery into a space designed to last, focussing on longevity, smart furniture choices and feeding that new-found curious spirit!

Smart Sleeping Choices

It’s a big step… somehow, you’ve found yourself sailing right into toddlerhood, and in a blink of an eye your toddler will soon be a child! Although you don’t have to overhaul the bedroom, it’s important to make some key changes. The most important first step is to choose a safe toddler bed.

If your little one already enjoys the comfort of a Boori Cot Bed, you won’t need to purchase additional furniture as it has the ability to transform into a toddler bed, lasting up to five years old. This is perfect for maintaining familiar surroundings at night time, making this big step a little less daunting.

If you don’t have a cot bed, our Natty Guarded Single Bed is an ideal choice for that transition to big-bed sleeping. With a modern two-tone design in bright and airy colours, it is guaranteed to suit any design choice you make later down the line. As well as aesthetical bonuses, this is a hugely practical item, as the guarded bed also has the option to later convert into a single loft bed or bunk bed using additional conversion kits.

Natty Guarded Single Bed in different modes

Furniture for the Future

As they move from toddler to childhood, your little one will accumulate all sorts of belongings. Choosing clever storage solutions and furniture that is adjustable and designed to last will ensure your child is accommodated along the way.

All of our desks at Boori are height adjustable, meaning they’re a splendid choice for when your tot needs a space to keep little hands busy with crayons or further down the line, a spot to keep growing minds busy with homework!

Tidy Desk at lowest height and highest height

Not only does our Tidy Clothing Rack offer a stylish and functional storage solution, but with the included height scale your toddler can also have fun seeing how much they have grown. Encouraging independence, the open design of the rack will inspire your child to have a go at dressing themselves and (wishful thinking…) put them away neatly! Crafted with sustainable wood, the sturdy hanging rail and two handy shelves will provide more than enough space as your toddler accumulates more clothes and shoes.

Girls measuring each other against Tidy Clothing Rack

Toys to last Through Toddlerhood

Choosing solid materials to stand the test of time, like our Australian Araucaria wood, will allow your little one to cherish their favourite treasured toys from toddler to child. The Tidy Rocking Horse is a popular choice for parents of inquisitive toddlers: with a few simple adjustments, it can become a small and sturdy bench when they are no longer interested in playing cowboys or cowgirls.

Tidy Rocking Horse as a rocking horse and in bench mode

Our Tidy Magnetic Drawing Board is also built with longevity in mind, with four handy height options to keep your pint-sized Picasso working on their masterpieces well into childhood.

Mum and child playing with Tidy Magnetic Drawing Board

Adaptable Spaces

A cosy reading corner might begin as a place for you to cuddle up and read to your toddler, but as the years go by your bookshelf nook will become a great place for your child to enjoy a quiet spot to read their latest schoolbook. If you haven’t accumulated books to fill the shelves, toys in an array of textures and colours will add intrigue for those exploring hands.

Our Tidy Toy Box also promotes early learning whilst providing the ultimate storage solution to keep your toddler bedroom clutter free. With an internal storage box and wheels, it allows your child to wheel the box with them putting toys away as they go.

Tidy Toy Box full of soft toys

As you make the journey into childhood, it can be difficult to keep their beautiful bedrooms clutter-free. Take a look at our Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Room Tidy(ish) for steps toward a tidier space.

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