Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Room Tidy(ish)

Toys, homework, books and mysterious single socks can make keeping your child’s room tidy feel like an impossible task. Although we can’t offer a masterclass in how to avoid stepping on Lego and other various objects, we’ve put together some tips below to help you and your little one keep their space clear of clutter.

Get Your Child Involved in Tidying

Tidying isn’t just reserved for Mums and Dads! By portraying tidying as a fun task and being clever with how you involve your child, they will feel a sense of ownership and be more inclined to keep on top of things. Rewards not only incentivise good behaviour but also encourage a routine to form. Our Tidy Magnetic Drawing Board is a creative way to display your reward system while keeping it fun; it’s double sided so your little one can draw to their heart’s content when not working on the reward system.

Mum and child using Tidy Magnetic Drawing Board

Our Tidy Toy Box is also a brilliant storage solution when it comes to getting children involved with organisation. In a sleek and simple two-toned design, it doubles up as a storage bench and storage box with ample space for toys or bedding. The box features handy wheels, making it much easier to tidy their toys themselves after playing.

Boy pulling blanket out of Tidy Toy Box

Be Clever with Storage Furniture

There are plenty of ways to be smart with storage and organisation without adding to the footprint of furniture that could further clutter your child’s bedroom. When choosing clothes storage, opt for clean, light colours to promote a bright and airy environment like our white chest of drawers, and use drawer dividers to make the most of your drawer space. Dividers not only allow you to keep clothes categorised and neat but save time in the morning routine too by eliminating the need to rummage around looking for stray clothing.

White Linear 3 Drawer Chest Smart Assembly

Instead of additional storage furniture, consider optimising the top of your existing drawers or even a desk with a bookshelf hutch.

Make the most of under-bed space too with our multi-functional Trundle Tidy Bed. Adding storage space without taking up any extra room, this clever trundle works with specific Boori Kids Beds to provide further organisation or, with a mattress, a hidden guest bed!

Dedicate Areas for Certain Activities

Creating areas or zones for specific activities will also help keep your child’s bedroom organised. For example, creating a homework or craft corner under their loft bed will encourage those pesky stray pieces of paper and stationery to stay in one place. Furthermore, by adding an easy-clean mat or rug beneath their desk you not only prevent any unwanted mess from damaging the carpet but visually anchor the area to define the zone and create a boundary.

Boy sat at desk under loft bed

A book-reading corner is another area you can add to your child’s bedroom. By placing a chair next to their bookcase and emitting a cosy feel, you will discourage books from being strewn left, right and centre across your child’s space.

Girl reading a book

Keeping a child’s room clutter free is no easy task, but hopefully some of our hints and tips will have you and your child well on the way to a tidy space.

Is it a small space you’re trying to keep tidy? Check out our blog post on Creating a Child’s Room in a Small Space.

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