Tips for Creating a Child's Room in a Small Space

Natty Single Loft Bed

Small spaces can be a challenge to work with, but spatial limitations need not leave your little one feeling like Harry in his uninspiring cupboard under the stairs! Although small in stature, children are big on belongings and they require a bedroom that allows them to undertake a whole host of tasks from homework to play and sleepovers.

With a little inspiration and clever forward thinking, we can help you create an attractive and organised space for your child.

Choose a Bed That Maximises Floor Space

Whether simply a spot to relax or to let their imagination run wild with play, floor space is essential to a child’s bedroom. Our loft beds have versatility at the heart of their design: combining space-saving techniques with a unique design, our loft beds have plenty of room underneath for a desk and chair, ideal for creating a cosy, quiet corner for study time.

For households with multiple children or for those begging for a sleepover with their best friends, our bunk beds are a great space-saving choice. With features including handy bedside shelves and bottom bunks with room for two, we’re sure we have a design to suit your family’s unique needs.

Bunk bed with storage staircase

To optimise your kids’ bed even further, our Trundle Tidy Bed not only offers smart under-bed storage but along with a single mattress, creates the option of an occasional guest bed.

Practical Storage Solutions

Choosing full-sized big-ticket items such as wardrobes and drawers will ensure they stand the test of time, providing plenty of useful space for your child’s belongings from baby to teen. Our wardrobes take up similar floor space to their infant-sized counterparts but with heaps more room for storage.

Being clever with your drawers can also further increase your storage space without adding to the footprint of the furniture. Rather than the need to purchase both a chest of drawers and a bookcase, our handy 3 Shelf Bookcase Hutch is a practical addition to the 3 Drawer Dresser: once secured, the bookcase hutch creates a beautiful focal point to house favourite stories and cuddly toys, keeping the floor and bed clutter-free.

Sleigh 3 Drawer Dresser with Sleigh Bookcase Hutch

Colour and Pattern for Smaller Spaces

By playing on how the eye perceives light, depth and colour you can promote the space you’ve saved. These intelligent style choices will complement your furniture to create an airy ambience.

Paint has the ability to make us see a room as bigger or smaller than it actually is. As dark paint will absorb more light, opt for light shades to make the room feel brighter. Furthermore, painting cornices, skirting boards and door trims in the lightest shade will trick your eye into feeling the walls are further away, expanding the room further.

Although simplicity is key to maintaining a clutter-free bedroom, a playful pop of colour in the form of horizontal lines can make a wall feel wider, whereas vertical lines draw your eye up, making walls feel taller, both adding a fun focal point to the room.

Monochrome children's room

Hopefully you’re now on your way to transforming your small space into a dream bedroom, but for more inspiration in the form of real bedroom, head over to our Instagram.

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