Adaptable Furniture to Suit Your Family

Every family is unique – children grow, families expand, some families move around and some choose to stay in the same home for generations. That’s why we believe your children’s furniture should be adaptable, supporting your family as you grow and go about your own unique journey. Below, you’ll find some of our favourite nursery and kids’ furniture with innovative technology and functionality that allows them to change or grow with your child.

Cot Beds that Turn into Full Adult-Sized Beds

The idea of your toddler’s first night in their ‘big bed’ can be a daunting one, so why not make it as stress-free as possible? By having a cot bed that transforms into a toddler bed, you’re keeping a familiar environment which will help to make this important step that little bit easier.

Our Expandable and Convertible Plus cot beds offer even greater value, transforming into full adult-sized beds. Our Expandables turn into a single bed using the easy-store conversion kit included and the Convertible Plus cot beds transform into a double bed and cosy sofa at the same time using an additional Convertible Plus Conversion Kit. This negates the need for you to purchase multiple beds throughout your child’s development and makes it easy for you to transform your child’s nursery into their first ‘big’ bedroom!

Eton Convertible Plus Cot Bed in cot mode and double bed with sofa mode

Transform Your Dresser into a Bookcase

A great way to add storage to your child’s bedroom without wasting floor space is by transforming your 3 Drawer Dresser or chest into a beautiful bookcase. Our Bookcase Hutches and Tidy Hutches attach to the top of our dressers and chests to create stunning, sturdy shelving to showcase personal treasures and books.

Sleigh Bookcase Hutch on 3 Drawer Dresser

Modular Kids’ Beds

With versatility at the heart of the Natty collection, we have created a range of kids' beds with unique functionality that means they can be converted to suit your child at each stage of their development. The Natty Guarded Single Bed starts off life as a modern two-toned single bed and can be later transformed into a single loft bed or bunk bed with the use of our separate conversion kits.

Height-Adjustable Desks & Chairs

Soon enough, your little bundle of joy will be off on their first day of school and a great way to encourage learning at home is to set them up with their very own study space. With our wooden kids’ desks and chairs you won’t need to worry about any growth spurts as they each have multiple height settings!

Height-adjustable Tidy Desk

Award-Winning Tidy Bassinet

Awarded a 100% pass-rate by CHOICE Australia, our Tidy Bassinet offers a practical and safe sleeping environment for newborns. The mesh fabric is breathable and provides optimum visibility and lockable castors allow for easy mobility between rooms.

When no longer required for sleeping, the Tidy Bassinet can be transformed into a changer, toy storage or even shelving.

Tidy Bassinet different modes

To find out more about our adaptable and adjustable furniture, please take a look at our website or feel free to get in touch with our team.

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