How to Create a Timeless Nursery

White Sleigh Royale Cot Bed

Designing a child’s bedroom is a delight: in contrast to an adult’s sensible style, whimsical hues and patterns come into play when singing to the rhythm of a child’s imagination. With inspiration bursting at the seams, it can be hard not to go overboard and risk your little one outgrowing their playful surroundings. So, if you’re on the lookout for a nursery that boasts timelessness and grows with your child, we hope our hints and tips below will help you on your way.

Begin with a Soft Base Colour

As colour trends come and go, choosing a neutral shade will ensure the bedroom’s look and feel has a longer shelf life. Play it safe with neutral tones such as white, grey or shades of cream, or why not try muted versions of brighter colours such as soft mint or dusty blue. Boori furniture is designed to work in harmony with your colour scheme, available in a range of nursery-friendly finishes to suit your chosen style.

Turin Cot Bed in neutral room

Choose Focal Points, Not a Theme

It can be easy to get lost in the world of ‘theming’ your child’s nursery. There’s an array of ideas out there, such as princesses, race cars and dinosaurs, but adding too many ‘themed’ items to a room can end up dominating the space and isn’t necessarily going to offer a particularly long-lasting look. So, rather than flooding a room with nods to your theme, why not opt for subtle focal points? One or two stand-out elements that bring a fun touch to your space. Look to introduce pattern and texture to create interest, such as accessorising a bookcase with a trailing plant in a geometric pot and picture frames in contrasting finishes to create a contemporary look.

Grey Sleigh Bookcase Hutch

Furniture that Evolves with Your Child

It's a good idea to choose furniture that lasts or adapts to suit your child at various stages of their growth. With this in mind, we have designed a range of innovative cot beds that transform when your little one is ready. Our Pioneer Expandable Cot Bed converts from a cot to toddler bed and finally into a full adult-sized single bed. Our Convertible Plus Cot Bed takes it a step further and transforms into a double bed and a cosy sofa (at the same time)! This provides an ingenious cost-saving addition to your nursery set-up.

Eton Convertible Plus Cot Bed

Be Sensible with Storage 

By choosing full-sized storage furniture, you can ensure your nursery will be functional for years to come and not just the initial stages. We offer a range of beautifully designed solutions such as this chest of drawers: with spacious, fully-extendable drawers and a space on top for our Cloud Comfort Change Pad this product is designed to be treasured for many years, supported and reflected through our generous warranty. 

Toy Box is also a great choice when it comes to housing your child's belongings. This practical and sturdy piece of furniture offers a storage option for various household items such as guest throws and pillows if your little one has outgrown their selection of teddy bears

White Boori Toy Box

We're not saying your timeless nursery should stay the same throughout the magical period of childhood, but by making solid design choices from the start, rather then remodelling the entire room, only small tweaks will be required to ensure it can adapt to your family's needs. 

Need a little more inspiration? This Scandinavian-Inspired Nursery features classic whites and woods with playful pops of yellow and grey, offering a fuss-free ageless design.

Natty Nursery Furniture Set with scandi decor

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