How to Maximise Under Bed Storage for Kids

Under bed storage drawer

We know that parents are constantly thinking up new and inventive ways to create more storage space in the same kids’ bedroom and playroom that has never changed size (although maybe felt like it was getting increasingly smaller and smaller), and we thought we’d jump to the storage rescue…

As parents that might be approaching the first ‘big kids’ bedroom’ or ones that are simply needing to add more storage space, one way you can easily create more storage without imposing on the floor space you have available is by utilising this one small (but pretty lifechanging) trick: under bed storage.

Here we dive in to how you can truly maximise under bed storage for your kid’s bedroom with Boori’s range of kid’s bedroom furniture.


Under bed storage drawers with wheels

Under bed storage drawer on wheels

Under bed storage drawers with wheels are so handy for families – not least because of the extra storage space they offer, but because your little ones will be able to easily get to their prized possessions without any heavy lifting.

All of Boori’s under bed storage for kids’ options have wheels already integrated into the design, meaning you won’t have a hard time of choosing whether to go with under bed storage with wheels or not!

But… the decision you will need to make is which Boori Kids bed you opt for, as not every bed is compatible with our range of under bed storage drawers.


Choose a matching kid’s bed that is compatible with the under bed storage you like

As we said above, if you’re looking to optimise your kid’s bedroom storage, then under bed storage will be your saviour. However, as with most kids’ bedroom furniture brands, you will need to make sure your kids’ bed is compatible with the under bed storage you want.

Here, we’ll do a quick dive into our under bed storage options that are perfect for your kids bedroom, and introduce you to the Boori Kids beds they are compatible with.


Neat Under Bed Storage Drawer

Neat Under Bed storage drawer

Our Neat Under Bed Storage Drawer can be purchased as a set of two or as one standalone storage drawer to go underneath the compatible Boori nursery furniture pieces and kids’ beds.

The Neat has a modern yet minimalist design, with a range of colour finishes to match the colourways of our compatible nursery furniture and kids’ bedroom furniture. This under bed storage drawer with wheels measures in at 17cm (H) x 77.5cm (W) and 60cm (D) (individually), meaning two can be used together when nestled underneath our kids’ beds if needed.

It is not compatible with the following current or discontinued nursery furniture: Turin Cot Bed, Sleigh Expandable™ Cot Bed, Turin Compact Cot, Oasis Oval Cot, Perla Cot Bed, Sleigh Allure Cot Bed, Eton Expandable Cot Bed or Eton Convertible Plus™ Cot Bed.


Avalon Under Bed Storage Drawer

Avalon under bed storage drawer


Our popular and best-selling Avalon Double Bed, which has a modern curved finish in our pastel Cherry & Almond and Blueberry & Almond colourways – in addition to our classic White & Almond - also has room for that all-important under bed storage…

Our Under Bed Storage Drawer has been designed to fit perfectly underneath this kids bed and, if you aren’t putting this double bed up against a wall, will be able to fit a drawer either side.

Each drawer has been designed to have two internal compartments within it to help you and your little one organise their favourite items, with one compartment being narrower than the other - perfect for storing small or lose items. It has been finished with a raised front, which sits along the edge of the bed, which not only allows for easy access, but ensures the storage drawer remains in place firmly underneath. 


Coogee Under Bed Storage Drawer

Coogee Under Bed storage drawer

Our Coogee Under Bed Storage Drawer has the same stylish and savvy design (and dimensions) as our Avalon Under Bed Storage Drawer, except the colour finishes have been adapted to match the beautiful wood grain of the compatible Coogee Maxi Bunk Bed.


Trundle Tidy Bed

Trundle Tidy Bed with 2 boys reading


Our Trundle Tidy Bed is not only an under bed storage drawer with wheels – oh no! – but a savvy extra single bed if needed. Now how’s that for style and practicality!

The Trundle Tidy Bed is available in our Cherry, Blueberry and White colour finishes – again, to help you match your desired under bed storage to your favourite Boori double bed or maxi bunk bed (with ladder only).

Families can use this large under bed storage drawer to store away the likes of blankets, children’s books or clothes and, when needed, will also become an extra bed, perfect for kids sleepovers or guests with the addition of a trundle bed mattress that measures 180cm x 88cm.


Use these under bed storage ideas to get organised

Now you’ve decided on what kids’ bed and under bed storage is right for you, you can start to really maximise that space.

If the size of your under bed storage drawer(s) allows, use storage boxes or packing cubes to keep everything neat and tidy in a way that makes sense for your family, and position the most used ones to the front of the drawer. 

If you’re trying to find a home for clothes or blankets, use the KonMarie method of folding to create the most space. 

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