6 Reasons Why Double Beds are Perfect for Children too

When you think of a child’s bed, you probably picture a single bed or perhaps a bunk bed, but we’re here to tell you the reasons why a double bed should be high up on your shopping list when kitting out your child’s bedroom.

1. Sharing and Caring

There’s nothing worse than seeing your little one unwell or upset. When they’re feeling under the weather, they may seek comfort in sharing a bed with Mum or Dad. If they only have a small single, sharing their bed is going to be rather clammy and unpleasant for the both of you! A double bed will be much more comfortable, resulting in better sleep all round.

Mother saying goodnight to child

2. The Ultimate Space for Storytelling

The best seat in the house for bedtime stories? Right by your child’s side! Having a double bed means optimum comfort for you and your child during story time. Grab your child’s favourite book from their Tidy Rotating Bookshelf then snuggle down under the covers - good luck trying to stay awake!

3. Promote Independence

For kids and teens, the best part about getting a double bed is the feeling of being more ‘grown up’ and independent. If having a double bed is seen as a treat or a luxury then children are likely to be appreciative of the gesture and gain a sense of independence. They’ll be proud of their new sleeping space and (hopefully) this will help encourage them to keep their space tidy and organised.

Child plays guitar sat on double bed

4. Longevity

When your child becomes a teen, they’ll be eager to have a double bed! If you purchase a double bed early on, this will negate the need to buy a more grown-up bed when they reach those teenage years.

As double beds are typically designed for grown-ups, they tend to be sturdier and more long-lasting than their smaller counterparts! Unless of course, they’re a Boori single bed, then they’ll be just as solid with a comprehensive warranty to prove it.

5. Flexibility for Guests

Having a double bed in your child’s bedroom will prove handy for both little and big guests! Sleepovers will be a breeze as your child’s pal can top and tail with them in their own bed, rather than trying to squeeze in various air beds or mattresses.

Although it’ll mean having to turf your child out their own room, a double bed is useful if your own guests need a space to stay too! Your child will be more than happy to have a camp out in your room or the living room temporarily!

Girls in pyjamas looking at laptop

6. Nighttime Tumbles

Having your child roll out of bed is less likely with a double bed… It may sound strange but if your child sleeps in the centre of their double bed, they have much further to roll before they reach the side of the bed. If you’re still a little bit worried, then opt for a lower double bed or install guard panels for peace of mind. 

Choosing the kids’ double bed that’s right for you

There are many kids’ double beds out there to choose from - each with their own design features and finishes - and our range of kids’ double beds are no different.

Our colourful and playful Avalon Double Bed has a fun two-tone finish and is positioned at a lower height, making it ideal for children. Underneath the bed there is space for an optional under-bed storage drawer, and it also matches the Avalon Bedside Table, providing growing families with much-needed storage options if you’re low on space.  

For those families looking for something more classic and understated to suite a range of styles, our Alice Double Bed will be just what you’re after. With a timeless and minimalist finish, the Alice Double Bed comes in our three classic colourways of Barley White, Pebble Grey and Almond and features subtle curved edges.

Whatever kids’ double bed you opt for, you can rest assured it will offer the perfect sleep solution to take your little ones from childhood to adulthood.

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